• 7 June 2012 16:07:58

    Notification of scheduled down-time - 8th June

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    I am happy to announce that we believe we are finally ready to move Skyrim Nexus over to our new code base and start moving on with our plans to improve the functionality and feature sets on the Nexus sites.

    As the largest site in the network, we've left Skyrim Nexus until last due to the staggering amounts of traffic the site still receives. We want to make sure everything is optimised to reduce the chances of catastrophic failure. We've been using the other converted sites as benchmarks to root out and fix any inefficient areas of the code.

    We're pencilling in tomorrow morning (the 8th of June) at 10am GMT for the necessary down-time in order to backup the current site and convert it to the new code base. During this period Skyrim Nexus will not be accessible (but other Nexus sites, and the forums, should be). Once we've gotten the site back up we'll closely monitor the situation and ensure that everything is working.

    Once finished, the new site will already contain the recently announced content filtering system that will enable you to filter out any content that you do not wish to see, and we'll be very close to releasing our next major update to the Nexus network.

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