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    Modding competition winners

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    After Bethesda released the Creation Kit for Skyrim we partnered with Nvidia and iBUYPOWER to offer some great prizes to the mod authors here at the Nexus. The competition ended towards the end of May and I’m happy to now finally publically announce the winners of the competition.

    iBUYPOWER Skyrim PC WinnerSkyUI by Schlangster
    The winner of the iBUYPOWER PC was decided by tallying up the file with the highest amount of endorsements from fellow recognised mod authors (recognised mod authors being members who have more than 1,000 unique downloads to their name on one Nexus site). It was perhaps no surprise, then, that SkyUI took this great prize after comfortably sitting at the top of the Nexus Top 100 of all time for many months now. SkyUI is more than a worthy winner of this prize.

    2 x PNY GTX560Ti Skyrim Video Cards WinnerWarzones, Civil Unrest by MyGoodEye
    The winner of the two Nvidia graphics cards was picked by myself based on a wide range of criteria. To simplify those criteria I was looking for mods with a large scope and good execution that brought something new, unique and exciting to Skyrim. Warzones – Civil Unrest is a perfect example of this (with a very well presented mod page, which I always like to see!).

    1 x PNY GTX560Ti Skyrim Video Card WinnerOpen Cities Skyrim by Arthmoor
    For the final winner in the competition, taking home a PNY GTX560Ti I was looking for a mod that brought something essential to the Skyrim experience. When Bethesda changed the way they loaded cities in Oblivion I noticed a huge drop in immersion in my playing experience. They continued with this approach in Skyrim, so the Open Cities Skyrim project that ensures a fluid transition between the outside world and cities of Skyrim is a god send for me. At the time of judging the winners Open Cities Skyrim was crippled by the long running navmesh bug that has been present in many of Bethesda’s recent games. Word is that patch 1.6 for Skyrim has finally (FINALLY!) fixed this issue, so fingers crossed on that one.

    Congratulations to all three of the winners of our competition, and a big thank you to both Nvidia and iBUYPOWER who approached me to run this competition because of their massive appreciation for the work the modding community does in making these games so much better.

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