• 7 May 2012 13:47:59

    First ESO screenshot creates a largely negative reaction

    posted by Lingwei Game News

    Game Informer has provided the first non-leaked screenshots of the Elder Scrolls Online (hereafter referred to as ESO). The screenshots show players fighting Storm Atronachs.

    Reaction to the graphics and announcement has been mixed.

    Jara commenting on Bethblog was dismissive. "You gotta be shitting me. This looks like a beta screenshot for Morrowind," Jara said. "Warcraft has pretty lousy graphics by today’s standards too, but this looks… after how gorgeous Skyrim was, this looks like an insult," he said.

    Yoda Unleashed on was also unimpressed. "Looks like your typical run of the mill MMORPG," Yoda Unleashed said. "So long as Bethesda continue to make singler-player Elder Scroll RPG's I don't mind this existing. But if this replaces that single-player experience then I'll be disappointed to say the least."

    Matt7895 from RPGCodex was even more critical. "Third-person, cartoony graphics," he said. "F*#k them to hell."

    But GoldvsSilver on was happy. "Looks great!" he said.

    Other commenters pointed out that MMOs need lower system requirements to allow players with lower end machines and internet connectivity to play the game.

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