The Elder Scrolls Online Announcement Trailer

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In typical Bethesda fashion (or should I say Zenimax in order to stop people getting confused as to who is making the game?) the first trailer for The Elder Scrolls Online tells us absolutely nothing. So this week we've had a DLC announcement for Skyrim that told us nothing, and now a new game announcement that tells us nothing. Great ;)

So why am I posting this? Because I love Michael Gambon. Americans will probably only know him for his role as Dumbledore in the latter stages of the Harry Potter films, and perhaps, for a bit-part role as a cannibal elderly person in Book of Eli, but over in the UK he has played numerous brilliant roles and I have a bit of man-love for him, in a completely platonic way. After watching the trailer I was left bewildered as to whether it was Michael Gambon doing the voice-over or not. Decide for yourself!


  1. sh3nks
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    Most people around me want to play skyrim in coop, if they do that than can a be the best game ever i think.
    Seriously play with 4 friend kick ass ^^
  2. 785118150
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  3. mindw0rk2
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    Maybe the biggest waste of opportunity in gamedev history. Even bigger then SWToR
  4. justwannaddl
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    My reaction. Meh. I don't play MMOs. I'm surprised leaked screenshots of vaporware that isn't even in beta would get more than a cursory glance. Unless they pull off something like no subscription fees, I probably won't even give it a second look.

    At least they aren't trying to just slap an auction house in a single player game so that they can have an excuse to put in always online DRM while milking gold farmers out of a chunk of the petty cash they make.

    edit: Low system requirements does not excuse poor graphics. Most games, MMO or not, are designed to be used on hardware that is at least a half a decade old. At this point, bad graphics are the fault of poor design. As I said though, the pic is basically vaporware so it doesn't matter what the product looks like now so long as it is good when it comes out.
  5. tristan1974
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    I truly can't understand the negative feedback most of the people are giving. It's an MMO, what did you guys expect? To me it was clear from the very beginning that the graphics won't be top notch and that FPS will be gone, you have to keep in mind, that your utopian fantasies of an MMO will most definatly never work out.
    And if you don't like it, then stick to the single player TES games, they won't be gone, ESO will just be an addition to the current TES games. Or dind't we get Skyrim although they were allready working on ESO?
    And by the way, I think for an MMO it looks great, I agree that the art direction is a bit too cartoonish, but other than that the graphics seem very comparable to oblivion to me. (keep in mind that this are quite early screenshots)
  6. lostami
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    Wow... umm, they could have used a better screenshot, But as long as gameplay is new and unique I could care less about graphics. People these days need to look at the gameplay more rather then constantly asking for better graphics, unless the only reason you play is so you can have a reason to spend money on upgrading your PC every 2 months.

    I mean everyone is all lackluster about this project over one screenshot. "Older graphics!! F**K them to hell" Is a rather odd reaction if you ask me...
  7. Phronq
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    I always wanted a multiplayer Elder Scrolls game! Then I saw how they were approaching it...

    I are teh disappoint.
  8. rexxar974
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    They have such large shows to fill. I just cant believe they used such a crappy screenshot of the game and didn't say anything. They set themselves up for disappointed fans to criticize them. Yeah i get that they need lower end graphics for people with crappy computers, but you don't need to make it look like Wizard 101. Come on now.
  9. CurryGuts
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    I sincerely hope they keep the traditional TES formula (build your own character however you like, realtime combat instead of numpad hotkeys) instead of taking a page from the WoW instruction manual with unchangable, preset classes and such. That'd totally suck - it wouldn't even be a TES game to me if they end up deciding on preset classes.
  10. EviloMEN
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    I just know it's going to be as awesome as Meridian 59, thank you Bethesda. ;P