• 3 May 2012 14:39:45

    Players angry at Dawnguard Xbox exclusivity

    posted by Lingwei Game News
    Some PC Skyrim players are annoyed that the first game add-on for Skyrim will initially exclusively be sold on the Xbox 360. Players went online to vent their frustration at not being allowed to purchase the content as soon as possible.

    "I’m hating you with all my heart Bethesda," said one person on the Bethesda blog. "I bought a dam Steam pc copy yet Ill have to wait 1 fff–ing month. Why?" he said.

    Other players alleged that Bethesda Softworks had received a financial incentive to make the content initially exclusive. "I’m pretty sure taking money from Micro$oft for a month-long exclusive on DLC is a form of corruption," said one player. Another likened it to recent issues in cricket saying, "Like the Pakistani cricketers who accepted money to lose matches".

    Bethesda originally announced that extra paid content would initially be Xbox 360 exclusive in August 2011. Content for previous Bethesda Game Studios game Fallout 3 was initially Xbox 360 and PC exclusive. It was made available for the Playstation 3 at a later date.

    A similar arrangement occured for the spin-off Fallout New Vegas, published by Bethesda, however this content was exclusive to Xbox 360 only and made available to both PC and Playstation 3 later.

    Bethesda community manager Matt Grandstaff was quick to comment on the matter, "We have been committed to fans on all platforms..We continue to work on new updates adding new features and with PC specifically, we’ve put more effort into the Creation Kit and Workshop than previous modding tools. We’ll have plenty more to share on our support for Skyrim soon".

    Skyrim Nexus site owner Dark0ne expressed his hope that people would not complain in the same extreme terms as posters on the Bethesda Blog were.

    "If I could choose between getting DLC on release date or having the Creation Kit...there wouldn't be a decision to make at all"

    Bethesda will announce the Dawnguard PC release date in the future.

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