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    Interview with Tytanis

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    Tytanis is one of the more prominent members of the modding community here at the Nexus family of sites. He has recently won our File of the Month contest and has one of the most endorsed files on Skyrim Nexus. "Tytanis - The Ultimate Mod" has been around since the very beginning of Skyrim modding, and continues to be one of the most popular mods. So without further ado, I give you an interview with Tytanis himself.


    01. So, tell us bit about yourself. What are some of your other interests and hobbies besides gaming?
    To put it simply, I'm a jack of all trades. Some of my interests or hobbies include programming in various languages, custom built PCs, military, history, quantum physics, the universe, working on my car, producing music such as Drum'N'Bass and recently Dubstep...and so much more!

    02. How did you get the idea to create Tytanis - The Ultimate Mod?
    When I first bought the game and started playing, I was sad that there were no elemental arrows. That's how it began! I created the arrows as a personal project without the idea or knowledge that SkyrimNexus existed. After I ran around in game shooting arrows into people's kneecaps, I started looking for a Skyrim modding community. Bam! SkyrimNexus was first on the list. Before I released my arrows, I had created a "silly" mod, a couple "cheat" mods and messed around with Skyrim's UI. The feel of the community was amazing to me, so I had updated the arrows a little more before I released them with new content based on the mod requests section of the forums.

    03. How long has it taken you to get the mod to where it is now?
    A lot of sleepless nights!

    04. What was the most challenging aspect of creating this mod?
    The most challenging aspect is keeping up with the bugs, as so many players use the mod, they really get in-depth of what the mod can do and where it bugs out. Another is the ideas by players! There's tons of very creative people! I try to tangle with your ideas and put them into practical use.

    05. What was your favorite part of creating the mod?
    I would have to say, accomplishing what I didn't think could be done at first. After many failed attempts are certain parts, a victory is the best feeling you can get!

    06. Despite having so many features already present in Tytanis, what other ideas do you plan on implementing in the future?
    The ideas for future content are limitless. A new idea of mine pops up every hour and user ideas pop up every few minutes! There are many new features that are in progress and a lot that are in queue. Listing all of them would be spoiling, I'd like to keep the surprises coming!

    07. Is this your first mod? If it is not, what was your first mod and how have you progressed from it?
    I have been a modder for other games, publicly originating never done before mechanics in games such as CS:S and TF2 (I have heavily modded a ton of other games but that's a long list!). Some people may know me by my previous alias, Cr(+)sshair.

    08. How did the issue of not having a proper Creation Kit impeded your progress? Or were able to get past those issues?
    I was able to find workarounds for some issues, such as new mounts. But having the Creation Kit increased progress and new content.

    09. Do you have any advice for aspiring mod authors?
    If you're having an issue doing an idea, just think of the problem logically! If you feel like giving up, get some sleep and you'll figure it out within the next day.

    10. Finally, do you have anything you would like to say to our readers out there?
    Keep watching the mod! We plan to take Skyrim to a whole new level and hopefully gain Bethseda's attention and endorsement.
    I personally appreciate everything SkyrimNexus and it's community has done for the mod!
    We are always seeking individuals with talent or the drive to learn! If you know or want to learn how to code, model, create new textures or content; please apply at!

    Special thanks to Tytanis for agreeing to do the interview. You can download "Tytanis - The Ultimate Mod" here.

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