• 5 March 2012 18:53:05

    Skyrim beta update 1.5

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    Today, BethBlog posted some information about update 1.5, which will include new features, like new killcams, specifically killcams for ranged combat and spellcasting! They also say that they are planning to add new features in upcoming updates... Skyrim is starting to look like the never-ending Elder Scrolls game at the rate they are spewing out updates and features!

    Update: It seems that BethBlog have removed this article from the blog for some reason, most likely because the beta does not seem to be up on Steam yet. But whatever the reason, it will probably be up again soon. (To anyone following BethBlog, they do send out mails where you can read the blog post.)

    Update Monday 22:00 GMT: Still no beta on Steam.

    Update Tuesday 16:00 GMT: Still no beta on Steam. (Only a Steam beta, not a Skyrim beta.)
    When asked about the article on BethBlog, GStaff replied this: "Sorry, that was an early draft. When we’re ready to post something, we will."


    Today on Steam we've released a new beta update that gives you a first
    look at what's we'll be bringing to PS3, 360, and PC in the
    forthcoming 1.5 update.

    In addition to a number of new bug fixes, we're now using title
    updates as an opportunity to add new features to the game. Included
    in this update, players will be able to enjoy all-new kill cameras,
    including ones specific to ranged combat and magic.

    Sound familar? That's probably because they had a cameo in the Game
    Jam video [1] shown during Todd Howard's DICE keynoteTodd Howard
    presented at DICE.


    And while we're at it, they also posted about new features in the workshop, specifically a feature that allows you to follow your favorite mod authors. Hm... are they spying on Dark0ne?

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