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  • 9 February 2012 12:26:09

    Skyrim developers complete week-long mod jam

    posted by Agonofinis Mod News
    Kotaku has posted a video which shows Skyrim lead Todd Howard speaking at the D.I.C.E. 2012 game development conference. Howard spoke at length about a "Game Jam", held internally at Bethesda, where the Skyrim team were tasked with creating new content and porting it into the game, purely as a creative exercise. The results, I am sure you agree, are pretty mind-blowing.

    Watch the video to see it all in action, but below is a full list of the new features:


    - Seasonal foliage and shedding leaves on trees.
    - Flow-based water shaders.
    - Fully animated spears.
    - Magic and ranged combat slow-motion kill-cams.
    - Water arrows and a Detect Life-esque "Assassin's Vision"
    - Guards that re-light torches.
    - Paralysis runes.
    - Moving platforms and hanging structures in dungeons.
    - Fast-flowing underground currents.
    - Pitch-black dungeons.
    - New follower customisation, commands and favoriting.
    - Adoption.
    - Building of your own home (with skeletal butler).
    - Combining spells for new effects.
    - Goblins.
    - New Draugr
    - Waygate fast travel.
    - Skeletal horse mounts.
    - Mounted combat.
    - Dragon mounts.
    - Soulbug familiar.
    - Kinect-based Shouts.
    - SSAO.
    - Better underwater visuals.
    - Footprints in snow.
    - Verlet surfaces for non-rigid objects (which means morningstars and flabby giants).
    - Fire and ice arrows.
    - Werebears.
    - Lycanthropy perk tree.
    - Vampire feeding.
    - Becoming a flying vampire lord with vampire imp minions.
    - Mudcrab animation tweaks.
    - A 100 foot-tall mudcrab.

    PLEASE keep in mind that these are purely "experiments", and Howard states explicitly that there is no guarantee that any of these features will make it into the game, as DLC or free updates. This possibility is not ruled out, however.

    For the moment, it is encouraging to see what can be achieved with Creation Kit, and in particular the Papyrus scripting language.

    I think that you should be very busy right now.

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