• 7 February 2012 18:52:00

    A friendly Creation Kit release day reminder

    posted by Dark0ne Game News
    Hi folks. It's a great day today as Bethesda have finally released the Creation Kit for the masses to delve in to. Bethesda's servers are currently doing what I like to call "a Skyrim Nexus", in that they're down or very slow right now, but Steam and Valve's sites are fine, so if you're looking to get the Creation Kit then first ensure you have closed Steam, then restart Steam, go to "Library", "Tools" and then "Creation Kit". If you can't work it out from there, I don't think the Creation Kit is going to be for you!

    While I don't want to put a downer on the festivities, I wanted to put up a quick cautionary news post about our rules and the concept of respect, because I know everyone is really excited now and might do some dumb things they later regret.

    First of all the Creation Kit is property of Bethesda and they can choose to put any DRM or protective measures they want in to their software. Similarly, like the mod authors, it is their right to decide how and where they distribute the software. The Creation Kit is only available through Steam at this time and until Bethesda tell us otherwise please do not try to circumvent that and upload the Creation Kit here. As much as we'd love to host it, we're not allowed to, and I'm afraid if you upload it here you will have your files removed and your account banned. The Creation Kit is only available to people who have actually bought the game, and we do ban admitted pirates here, so be careful what you say.

    I fully pride myself on the respect we give to mod authors and their right to choose how and where their mods get distributed. It's something we've championed for 10 years now and we're not going to stop. Some mod authors are going to choose to be exclusive to one site (which is never a good idea, and I've said as much plenty of times!) while others will spread their files across Steam Workshop, the Nexus, PES and others. How and where mod authors host their files is their decision, and not yours, so if you see a mod on Steam Workshop that isn't on the Nexus you do not have a right to upload that mod to the Nexus without the author's express written permission. And vice versa from Nexus to Steam Workshop. Please remember that, because mod authors spend a hell of a lot of time releasing these mods for people to enjoy, so don't upset them by going against their wishes.

    As for us, we're still busy working away. Getting the Creation Kit is great, and we'll see over the coming months how the Steam Workshop integration pans out. It's too soon to tell how it will affect things! When the dust has settled I'll do another video blog to share my thoughts on the events that have happened within the community, including what we're up to as well as the Creation Kit and Steam Workshop.

    Happy modding folks.

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