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Converts Karmoth's Noble Female Clothes into a set of new outfits that you can purchase.

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Noble Female Clothes
This mod is based on the gorgeous clothing texture by Karmoth. See the original file here: Noble Female Clothes

The original texture was a replacer for a mining outfit. I turned it into new outfits that you can purchase at Radiant Raiments. There's also a version with additional colors of sleeves, although personally I am a fan of the classic gray ones.

This outfit is female only!

There are two versions of the outfit for each color. The "for Boots" versions have no ankles, to prevent clipping issues when you're wearing it with tall boots. The "for Shoes" versions have a longer pants leg. Use whichever version you think looks best--both of them are for sale at Radiant Raiments.

Version History
- Added versions with White, Red, Blue, Green, Lavender, and Sky Blue sleeves

- Converted textures into new outfits sold at Radiant Raiments

Installation Instructions:
Extract all files into Skyrim's Data folder (for me, that's under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data). If you already have existing meshes and textures folders, click Yes or Yes to All when it prompts you whether you want to copy the files into them.

Once you unpack the files, verify that the mod is activated by selecting "Data Files" from the loader screen, and ensuring that "NobleFemaleClothes.esp" is checked.

Karmoth created the original texture. What I did was convert the texture into something I could apply to the ground mesh, updated the meshes, and added them to the esp. I also changed the sleeve colors to add more variety.