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New craftable daedric corset armor based on in game daedric armor for females.

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If upgrading from v0.7 or previous, make sure you read the Upgrade Note below!!! You've been warned.

Updating the female daedric armor to be add a little more curves and a little skin showing. This adds a new armor to the game under the daedric smithing menu at the blacksmiths called Daedric Corset. This armor is craftable and upgradable using the same recipes as the standard daedric armor. Only the female model will get the corset model. Males will get the normal daedric armor.

To all those requesting different shoulders, different base texture, etc. I have played around with many variations and in the end I like the version here best. Feel free to modify the textures for your own personal use, but I'm not going to continue to pursue other texture bases at this point. I may play around with the shoulders some more, but I've tried many things from removing them entirely, to making them smaller, and even tried changing their shape somewhat. In the end I just didn't like any of them and thought they looked worse, so again I'm not going to pursue that very much.

The texture is based off of Reddaimyo's daedric retexture available here:

Latest Update: Version 1.0 released! Fixes 1st person view so arms show up. Updated textures a little more to add a little more definition. Added light armor version that is also craftable under daedric menu. Added new CBBE texture fix file that includes the cleaned feet textures.

Upgrade Note: If you are upgrading from version v7.0 or prior, you will want to remove the old versions first to restore the standard daedric armor. To do this either deactivate from NMM, or remove the following directories BEFORE you install a new version (assuming you don't have another daedric armor mod installed):

Note on CBBE: There really is no need for a separate CBBE version of this file as the female body mesh used in this was based on the CBBE base model (older version). The standard female body mesh didn't even come close to filling out the standard daedric armor, so using the base CBBE model worked better to provide a base.

CBBE Textures: The latest CBBE texture files are slightly incompatible with the standard body meshes. I have uploaded a CBBE texture fix that will override the CBBE v0.2 texture files to fix this issue. This will fix the kidney area to remove (mostly) the odd artifacts seen there. You will only need this if you are using the CBBE mod. This will have no effect on the CBBE meshes or anything else based on the CBBE meshes.

Recommended to use Nexus Mod Manager for ease of installation/removal.
1.) Click 'Download with Manager' button and let NMM download the mod.
2.) Double click 'Daedric Corset' under the mods tab in NMM to activate.
3.) Enjoy
- or -
1.) Download the main file and extract everything to the skyrim data directory usually located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data\
2.) Run SkyrimLauncher.exe and click on Data Files
3.) Ensure that DaedricCorset.esp is enabled in the popup list
4.) Enjoy

1.) In NMM, double click DaedricCorset to deactivate mod.
- or -
1.) Remove the following files/directories:

Steam Workshop:
Mod is now available via the Steam Workshop as well located here

Change Log:
v1.0 - Added light armor version as separate craftable item. Cleaned textures up some more.
v0.9 - Added Deadric Corset under daedric smithing menu. Added large body version. Cleaned up meshes and textures some more.
v0.7 - Smoothed mesh in certain areas, cleaned up textures, reworked neckline again.
v0.5b - Updated neckline removing most of the gorget.
v0.5 - Added textures from reddaimyo, added red glow back in properly meshed
v0.3 - Initial release

-Update mesh to higher poly count to smooth out rough spots.
-Add more color options for the glow effect
-Fix clipping issues when NPCs are wearing the armor and they turn to the side.