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A simple town builder. Has no NPC\'s until you fill the town with companions of your choosing.

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The Suikoden Kingdom Mod was something I was playing around with after using the My Home Is Your Home mod. I realized my player homes weren't big enough to house all of my favorite characters, so... I chipped together a small town with a castle in an enclosed valley so as not to intrude on the actual game world to much. It's far from done as it sits right now and needs a lot of work in the area of custom scripting so that each house gets built and added to the town as you build it up, so it's just magically there right now, no cleanup required. Also want to see custom scripts added so that each home has it's own set of "jobs" (ie. Blacksmith, Miner, Militia) so when new characters are added, they have all the scripts required to send them about the town, doing this that and the other. Sadly, I just don't have time for all that myself, so I'm putting this up here for anyone else who wants to edit and add to it. I don't know that many would want to, but it's here if you do.

- Vanilla Skyrim or better.
- My Home Is Your Home.