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Commander Maro has employed a Scout to assist the Player with locating the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, it is a long dangerous journey across half of Skyrim ...and the Dark Brotherhood knows this.

Permissions and credits
Current version 2.34, previous version 2.29

2 Files - RPQuestAssist_2dot0.esp, RPQuestAssist_2dot0.bsa
Master file: Skyrim.esm

Play Time: 45 minutes

IF you kill Astrid, the Dark Brotherhood leader, then this MOD kicks in when you see Commander Maro
This MOD was started with intent of helping RolePlayers locate the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in the quest
"Destroy the Dark Brotherhood", going into the quest, no word is mentioned as to where the Sanctuary was.
RolePlayers generaly shy from using in-game map and compass disabled, Nords of old didnt have these luxuries either.

Randua, a retired Imperil Army Sergeant, turned Hunter, sometimes Army Scout, is once again called upon
to face the odds, this time in the service of an oddity, a Dragonborn, whom Randau perceives as a
“Whelp, wet behind the ears”, on a outwardly simple yet perplexing mission to find an Assassins’ lair,
little does Randau know what he is stepping into, and its not just Skeever crap.

The journey takes place across near half of Skyrim, by the time the Player reaches the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary,
he/she will have fought 16 assassins, suffered a loss, saved a friend and forged a friendship, this is only what this
MOD adds, traveling by road in these dark times adds its own perils.

- No Known MOD conflicts, load order is un-restricted.
- 2.29, If Scout is left unattended for more than 6 hours, Scout will start "walking" back to Dragon Bridge
(dialog can resume game play), this includes FastTravel and Wait time that exceeds 6 hours.
- 2.29, Spawned Bandits at KillDevil shack before and after MOD uses it.
- 2.13, at Game Console, type in "Show RPQA_Ver" for MOD version.
- 2.13, 95% of any objects (markers, trigger boxes, NPC's, clutter etc) created by the MOD ingame
will have been deleted by quest end, this will help you with maintaining clean saves.
The only items left in game will be a cabin, terrain and its mesh work and of course few weapons.
- This MOD has not been tested with horses, altho AI has been enabled to use.
- This MOD is not a quest that would show up in your quest log and the Scout is NOT a follower.

Credit: Anduniel of TES Alliance Voice Actors Project, Dark Brotherhood Lieutenant.

Install: Copy RPQuestAssist_2dot0.esp and RPQuestAssist_2dot0.bsa to Skyrim/Data directory.

Uninstall: Version 2.0 and beyond (RPQuestAssist_2dot0 files), delete from Skyrim/Data directory.
Uninstall: Version 1.0 (RPQuestAssist files), delete from Skyrim/Data directory.

Version 2.34 release 1-19-2014, Previous version 2.29
Faction changes to prevent Scout from attacking at inappropriate times
Tweaked dialog flow at Dragon Bridge
Tweaked dialog text at Lund's cabin
Tweaked Scouts Observe Combat comments timing
Tweaked Scouts Observe Skills comment timing

Version 2.29 release 7-27-2013
Version 2.18 release 5-23-2013
Version 2.17 release 5-15-2013
Version 2.13 release 5-13-2013
Version 2.0 release 05-07-2013
Version 1.0, MOD initial release, 03-30-2013