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I felt that Dragon Priests were too weak. This mod rectifies that by giving them new staffs, more power, and different spells!

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[size=6pt]Powerful Dragon Priests[/size]

[size=3pt]This mod increases the health, magicka and speed of Dragon Priests to make them more challenging. Six out of the eight Dragon Priests also received a staff upgrade with the exception of Morokei and Nahkriin, who I gave a higher level. The reason for this is that their staffs are quest related and I did not want anything to conflict with them or other mods that alter them.

The staffs that have been altered are:[/size]
  • Staff of Krosis - now has a shout-like spell that does 70 damage and staggers. Similar to the first word of Unrelenting Force (Fus), though it takes 3 seconds to cast. This was to avoid stagger-locking.
  • Staff of Hevnoraak - Deals 50 points of magickal damage and inflicts enemies with fear in a 25 ft. radius.
  • Staff of Rahgot - Wall of Fire that does 15 points of fire damage and absorbs 15 points of Health per second.
  • Staff of Volsung - Wall of Frost that deals 15 points of shock damage per second and absorbs 15 points of Magicka per second.
  • Staff of Vokun - Casts the Fireball of a dragon that deals 70 points fire damage and explodes in a 15ft radius.
  • Staff of Otar - Casts the Ice Ball of a dragon that deals 70 points frost damage in a 15ft radius.

[size=6pt]Installation & Requirements[/size]
[size=3pt]To install, simply drop the .esp in the Data folder (/Steam/steamapps/common/skyrim/Data/).
This mod requires the latest version of Skyrim.[/size]

[size=3pt]February 23, 2013:
1.1 release. Changes with Hevnoraak's staff. Removed all Priest's wards and gave them a constant 20% Spell Absorption ability. Fixed a minor conflict with Staves of Skyrim ( ) where Hevnoraak's staff would get overwritten.
Released an Optional file without increased to Health on the Priests.

February 22, 2013:
1.0 Initial release.[/size]

[size=3pt]I'm planning on making a plugin for the new Priests introduced in Dragonborn.[/size]

[size=3pt]Please comment or PM me any bug reports, suggestions or questions you have![/size]