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More freedom for transmuters, turn one type of ingot to another, turn ores into ingots.

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This is a small mod that uses the base transmutation script but doesn\'t change it in any way.

There are 11 spells added by this mod to allow transmutation freedom, each spell will first turn the ore into an ingot and then change the ingot type.

The spells are

Transmute Corundum to Iron
Transmute Corundum to Orichalcum
Transmute Ebony to Corundum
Transmute Gold to Ebony
Transmute Iron to Silver
Transmute Iron to Steel
Transmute Malachite to Moonstone
Transmute Moonstone to Corundum
Transmute Orichalcum to Malachite
Transmute Quicksilver to Gold
Transmute Silver to Quicksilver

This freedom allows you to mass transmute without having to drop ores, It also allows you to cycle through the transmutations so you can turn any ore to any ingot (but steel is a dead end).

I have left out Daedric as it is not a pure metal, I have also left out Dwarven Metal due to its mysterious nature, I hope you enjoy the spells.

They can be found in Farengars study/library area on the bookshelves, there is a research research journal on the desk that adds a bit of backstory to why Farengar has these spells.