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Adds 16 new scars to the game of various styles; such as battle scars, burn scars and ritual scars.
Available to all human and elven races, including vampires.

These scars work differently from regular scars, you'll have to use the complexion slider to select them.
This also means that you can combine them with normal scars.

There are 2 different versions available:
Normal: texture resolution of 1024x1024
Lite: texture resolution of 512x512

Why did you choose to create complexions rather than regular scars?
Because normal scars use a separate mesh that does not cover the whole face, using complexions eliminates that limitation.

Why is the file size so large?
Each complexion uses its own normal map; and each race requires its own complexions as well, resulting in a large amount of files.
On top of that, the normal and detail maps are uncompressed.

1. Use 7zip or WinRar to extract the files
2. Find the Skyrim folder here: Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim
3. Move the Data folder into your Skyrim folder
4. Merge the folder when asked, it will not get replaced
5. Activate XCES.esp

1. Deactivate XCES.esp
2. Delete the Data\textures\Xenius\Scarface folder
3. Delete the XCES.esp file

The normal maps included in this mod are based on face normal maps from the official high resolution
texture pack. Selecting a scar from this mod will override any other normal map you have installed, but
only for your own character.

This mod does not replace anything; all files are located in a separate folder.

Only normal maps will be overridden, you can still use any diffuse maps you want.

[25-09-12] 1.0 Release
[25-09-12] Added optional Lite version
[28-09-12] 1.1 Update - Added scars to vampire races

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim
Thanks to Gizmodian for the original scar designs this was based on

The content of this mod is open source and can be used freely on the following conditions:

- Credit me
- Notify me
- Skyrim only