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About this mod

Keeps your Data folder nice and clean.

Permissions and credits
This is a small simple portable tool that allow you to safely add and remove mod files to your game.

  • Install and uninstall mods (double click on a mod in mods list)
  • disable and enable esp, esm and mods (double click on esp and esm, or open context menu for mods)
  • reorder esp and esm files by drag and drop (files on top of the list will be loaded first)
  • esm and esp will be automatically enabled on mod installation

  • It is realy recommended that you know how manually install mods to use this application.
  • It it mostly beta, because i didn't test it in a long run, i made only short tests.
  • It does not support other managers formats.
  • Do not use it with other modmanagers, if you want to switch manager, make sure you have uninstalled all the mods before.
  • It uses Framework 4.0, you most likely have it, but if it wont start, try to install a Framework.
  • Your game directory should contain Fallout3.exe or FalloutNV.exe or TESV.exe or Oblivion.exe.


  1. Just move it to your game directory and run.

How to Use
  1. Create a mod Folder, give it an unique name like "Better Textures by AJ"
  2. Copy mod files in there as if you would copy them in main game folder to manually install.
  3. Drag and Drop that Folder into SMML.

Hot to Update to 2.0
  1. Uninstall all mods.
  2. Remove smml.exe and smmle.edle from your game folder
  3. Copy new smml.exe into your game folder and it is ready to be used

This Tool is basically merges your game directory with directory that you drag and
drop in it and unmerges. Knowing this, you can also use it for other
games. Special functions, like file activation, will still only work for
main games.

*1.7 daring version is out, new engine, must be way faster then 1.6*
*To update, uninstall all your 1.6 mods then replace exe with new one.*

I made it for myself, but then, why not share it ? xD

It is a simple tool that makes sure your mods dont screw up your original files or each other.

This tool allows you to easily install any mod and uninstall it without screwing up your game or mod files. It will auto activate all esm and esp files, and edit them.

to install
just put it in your skyrim folder and run.
It uses Framework 2.0, if youre using win7 or winxp sp3, you should be fine.

to use
unpack mod, make sure "data" folder is inside of mod folder (not inside of some folder in mod folder)
now drag and drop this mod folder in this tool, hit install and its done

it will activate all esm and esps, so if you need some of them disabled, then right click on prog and use activation manager

Say there is ever an update, how exactly would i update it? Would i just remove the old version and "reinstall" all of the mods, or is there an easier way?

Well, to be sure you have to uninstall all the mods and then reinstall them with new version, but for versions above 1.7, if you feel lucky, you can also try to just overwrite exe file.

What does it do in background ?

It will check if there are any conflicts between files, it will create backups if needed and copy all files from this mod folder into skyrim folder.
If any files are overwriten then they will be restored after you uninstall the mod.
It dosnt not edit any settings in game, so if your mod need any editing, you have to do it manualy.
All esp and esm files will be activated by default, this option can be disabled in context menu.

Install ? not realy.

just put it in your skyrim folder and run.
It uses Framework 2.0, if youre using win7 or winxp sp3, you should be fine.
Also, you can set this tool to only access skyrim folder and itself, it should not access anything else, except stuff that you drag and drop in there.

"I do not take ANY responsibility for any possible damages caused by this Application.", actualy i only tested it shortly so it is like a beta for you.

Not like i care but how about an endorsement? it was hard for me to write a tool without any reference to My Little Pony.

Update~ Version 1.1 beta, More abilities, more bugs, more error potential for everybody!

new abilities
1. Tool now checks if the Data folder was edited and updates settings if necessary.
2. Drag and Drop esp and esm files directly.
3. File Activation Tool included (in context menu).
4. Some settings are available, like auto activate esm and esp files and junk filter.

also, i didnt mean this to become a real manager anyway, just a temporal solution, im actually waiting for a NMM as well, but you never know.

By the way, this tool works with Oblivion as well, and theoretically may be usefull with other games, however, for other games i would take version 1.0.

Update~ Version 1.2 beta, just somethng to make it easiler to use.

1. Auto activation of esp and esm files is enabled by default now.

Update~ Version 1.3 beta, durability update.

extended abilities
1. Whole directory checked now, instead of just Data.

Update~ Version 1.4 beta, conflict detection update.

1. Fixed one rare conflict occasion that wasnt detected, however, now it should detect all of them.

Update~ Version 1.5 beta, some new abilities were implemented.

extended abilities
1. Sort mods by name and install order.
2. Remove empty folders (on by default).
3. Automatically close forms (on by default).
4. File checking limit increased to 1 million items.

Update~ Version 1.6 beta, fixed activation leaks.

1. Fixed esm and esp detection, now those files should be always activated properly.

Update~ Version 1.7 beta, faster, less annoying.

1. mostly rewriten engine.
2. removed some file checks.
3. some interface updates.

Update~ Version 1.7.1 beta, bad bug fixed.

1. small but very imporatant fix

Update~ Version 1.7.2 beta, another fix.

1. fixed installation of CreationKit like files, should work now, but some testing is still needed.

Update~ Version 1.7.3 beta, extended comfort, while no bugs were found since 1.7.2.

1. New "Abort" button for installations.
2. New copy file progress display.

Update~ Version 1.7.4 beta, bug fixed.

1. One very bad deactivation bug fixed.

Update~ Version 1.7.5 beta, little fix.

1. Check file fix.
2. New conflict form.