• Dread Prison for Skyrim

    Welcome to Dread Prison, the improved Prison of Despair. Send anyone in Skyrim (including Nazeem) to your own personal prison, where you can watch them rot behind bars forever. You can send your prisoners to the mines to gather resources for you, or have them fight in the arena. Become the new Warden and discover all the prison has to offer.

    uploaded 21:22, 1 Jun 2014 88,169 2,463 41,769kb whatever515

  • An Anvil Is Not Enough for Skyrim

    The mod is a very simple immersion/realism fix. There are two main changes. Firstly, the game is altered such crafting items requires a full forge (an anvil by itself is not sufficient). Secondly, the use of smithing apparatus now requires the necessary tools (hammer, tongs and shovel).

    uploaded 20:55, 1 Jun 2014 332 35 5kb quixoticynic

  • Artemisia (300 Rise of an Empire) for Skyrim

    This is a game save which will allow you to step into "Artemisia's shoes", just copy paste the save to: My Documents -> My games -> Skyrim -> Saves, and enjoy !

    uploaded 20:50, 1 Jun 2014 754 36 1,891kb Istoceduard1994

  • Monstri Sanguine for Skyrim

    A mod which adds a way to improve your character with the blood of monsters.

    uploaded 19:18, 1 Jun 2014 533 33 116kb BlackLink16

  • PS ColorThatArmor - SkyProc auto armor color changer and mod merger for Skyrim

    Automatically generate retextured color variants of any armors OR merge loose armor files into a single file WITHOUT any dependencies to the original. Simple in-game magic solution is also provided to alleviate armor recipe clutter. Requires Java (free) and ImageMagick (Free and Opensource).

    uploaded 18:52, 1 Jun 2014 1,286 120 2,006kb oscarvonreuenthal

  • Riverstone Fort-Immersive Player Home for Skyrim

    This fort has long been invaded by bandits,until the Dragonborn was asked to do something about it

    uploaded 18:25, 1 Jun 2014 4,048 364 231kb PCDug


    A quick solution of removing that letter box/black bars, That current ENB presets have.


    uploaded 18:10, 1 Jun 2014 13,123 342 4kb ApocryphaNG

  • DPS Troll for Skyrim

    Scripted troll for damage and DPS metering. Can be used to compare different weapons or attack strategies. What is better: Legendary Zephyr or good old fireball? Try them on DPS Troll.

    uploaded 17:28, 1 Jun 2014 165 19 5kb Sion4

  • Sofia - The Funny Fully Voiced Follower for Skyrim

    The highly anticipated version 2 of Sofia is out now. The infamous Sofia needs little introduction as she causes trouble across Skyrim. Experience Skyrim in a whole new way with professional quality voice acting by the talented Christine Slagman (finalCrystine).

    uploaded 16:32, 1 Jun 2014 1,279,707 77,296 76,573kb djjohnjarvis

  • Whelp Starting Skills for Skyrim

    All skills start with a base attribute of 5, with their racial bonuses taken into consideration.

    uploaded 15:32, 1 Jun 2014 312 34 2kb Kozoi

  • Dirigeable - Dev Azea (French) for Skyrim

    Le Thalmor a construit il y a peu un dirigeable. Le prototype de ce dernier est arrivé il y a quelques jours avec son équipage à Solitude. Il ferait une planque parfaite pour vous et il est préfèrable de ne pas laisser ce dernier entre les mains de ces propriétaires.

    uploaded 12:34, 1 Jun 2014 1,868 147 48,626kb Sita

  • FNIS Sexy Move for Skyrim

    Tired of all females NPCs moving the same uninspired way? All females? No, not even that. Because your Housecarl and spouse Lydia even walks like men do. Argh!

    Now here is your solution: FNIS Sexy Move. FNIS Sexy Move will randomly select 1 out of 9 available walk and run animations for any female NPC that is in the area of the p

    uploaded 9:21, 1 Jun 2014 1,160,472 59,559 410kb fore