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A port of Dawnguard heavy armor set from Dawnguard DLC for Skyrim to Enderal.

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The Dawnguard heavy set was always one of my favorite armors in vanilla Skyrim, so one day I asked myself "Why not bring it to Enderal?". And here it is. Hope you will enjoy it.

I decided to call it "Shadowsteel Brigandine" because shadow steel is "what all cool kids have in Enderal", according to the lore, and because it somewhat resembles real-life brigandines, at least to my uneducated eye.

After you reach level 30, Darius Floorhammer ("Floorhammer's Forge Work" shop in Ark's Marketplace) will start selling blueprints for the set, all at once. The crafting skill requirement is Handicraft 37.

The mod includes 5 cuirasses, 2 shields ("common" Dawnguard shield, renamed to "Shadowsteel Shield", and "rune" Dawnguard shield, renamed to "Shadowsteel Rune Shield"), the heavy helmet, boots and gauntlets. 3 of the 5 cuirasses are classified as "light" in the vanilla, but visually they differ not so much from the heavy ones - a missing shoulder plate (pauldron) here, missing sleeves there...

By armor rating the set is halfway between the Starling ("Dwarven") and "Righteous Path" ("Ebony") sets, so it's quite high-tier. By weight it's lighter than the Righteous Path set.

Crafting is a bit unorthodox for the set: the total weight of materials is slightly greater than the weight of a resulting item. This means that you will need a lot of leather, steel, and most importantly, shadow steel (16 shadow steel ingots in total to craft and improve one full set of cuirass + helmet + gauntlets + boots). To compensate for that, Ark's merchants will start selling shadow steel (and thorium just for company) earlier, at level 30 for shadow steel ore and ingots, and at level 35 for thorium.

Just unpack the archive straight to the Data directory of your Skyrim (Enderal) copy. Don't forget to check BrigandineArmor.esp in the "Data Files" tab of Enderal launcher on first launch.

Delete the following files in your Skyrim/Data directory (basically everything starting with "BrigandineArmor"):
  • BrigandineArmor Readme.txt
  • BrigandineArmor.bsa
  • BrigandineArmor.bsl
  • BrigandineArmor.esp

I kept the original mesh and texture paths, so in theory the mod must be compatible with Dawnguard overhauls for vanilla Skyrim, for example, this one:

All the credits go to Bethesda for this nice armor, I haven't changed anything in the original meshes and textures.