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Inspired by the swords that Billyro and others have been making, this is a must-have!

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"Forged when the world was young, and bird and beast and flower were one with man, and death was but a dream!"

This addon is in essence a spiritual successor to the Excalibur weapon by Karasho, a modder who seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth, unfortunately. Regardless, here is a weapon of true beauty and simpicity; the Discerner.

Similar to how Karasho's Excalibur is, this weapon can be found atop the Throat of the World (obviously an indirect reward for meeting Paarthurnax for the first time) or it can be crafted, in the Steel Smithing section with the Daedric Smithing perk, considering that this sword has identical damage to a Daedric sword.

As of Version 1.4, I have also added a 2handed version that is identical in stats and crafting requirements to the Daedric Greatsword, and rightly so. It can be converted from the regular 1handed sword (if you have one) at a smelter (a similar method was used with the Strider's Sword mod by DMagnus, kudos to him for inspiring me with this economic idea c:)


Credits go to Karasho for the original inspiration, billyro with his cubemaps, and Hovihar with the assistance in OVERHAULING THE MODEL :D