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Skyrim Beautification Project ENB Settings. ENB settings for realism with enhanced effects. Performance & Stability guide included.

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Skyrim Beautification Project
Realism with enhanced effects at atmosphere

This page only contains the ENB settings
Please visit the Skyrim Beautification Project site for the complete guide

Version 3.14 is now available

1: Boris's ENB (LINK)
2: Climates of Tamriel 3.1 (LINK)CoT - Weather Patch (LINK) - But any version of CoT will do

3: Uninstall other weather/lighting mods (RLO, ELFX, ELE, etc..)
*The ENB is based on CoT lighting. It will of course work with other weather/lighting mods, it just won't look as intended

Project Before/After Screenshots: (Compare)
ENB Settings Before/After: (ENB)
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