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This is a fez, I wear a fez now, Fezzes are cool!

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---Update 23-05-2013---
There is now 81 variations of the fez to be bought at the khajit caravans,
the variations are as follows:
8 different patterns spanning from the six symbols of the magic schools, and two random patterns.
and of corse patternfree
3 different collors (red, purple, Black(well dark grey be honest))
without tassels, and with tassels in two different colors (light and dark (the dark really needs to be updated i know but cut me some slack))
all in all as i said it adds up to 81 different fezzes, so if one fez is cool a billion fezzes must be freakin amazing.

PS: I only snapped photos of some of the fezzes, but it should be enough to give a general idea of what it looks like.

--------Description and stuff-----------

Well i was working on a aestetic overhaul of the dark brotherhood when my wacom tablet died on me, which in short turned me into a handicapped headless chicken on an intergalactic treasure hunt when it comes to making textures (i hate using photoshop with a mouse).
So until i aquire a new tablet i wanted to pass the time and ended up with this little thing, mostly because it was exeedingly easy to do, and besides that it gave me an opportunity to quote Doctor (I stand corrected) Who, so lets just get that part out of the way: 'This is a fez, I wear a fez now, Fezzes are cool!'

anyhew this mod is not to be taken to serious, since the texture is an abomination to behold (well not that bad, but it could have been so much better, but as i said headless chicken and all that).

so if you like it cool, and if you dont then i guess we are on the same page and you have my permission to shoot me now...

oh and just to get the tecnical stuff out of the way, it can be crafted at a tanning rack with 5 x tundra cottons and should fit man and mer alike as well as the beast races.
oh yeah and it works as a circlet

If you are interested in becomming the dovahkiin timelord something something something,
check out my crappy bow tie here:
Bow ties are cool:

else if you feel in a grittier mood, then you can check out my new vegas mod here:
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