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Adding a little Miracle Grow to Skyrim's blank fields.

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Il be honest, I never intended for this mod to get 50k downloads on both the workshop and the Nexus. I completely forgot about it for a while and abandoned the project which I sincerely apologize although it should go without saying I made this mod in my freshman year of highschool. So with the recent release of Skyrim Special Edition I have decided to finally finsih this mod. Now im not saying it will be complete in the next few weeks, as of right now it could be a couple of months. Im going to need to make some upgrades to my computer before i can start again and that takes sometime. I just wanted to give a heads up to the community and thank you for all the downloads. 

Feel free to download this version at this time but be aware that I will no longer be supporting it. The special edition version will only be uploaded when it is 100% complete.

Have you ever wanted more lush, vibrant, and overgrown fields around Skyrim? Then have I got news for you. After being disappointed with just about every other grass mod out right now, I decided to make my own. And it is now available to all of you.

This mod is not completed at the time, it is in very early stages! Some locations to be added are:
  • All holds (and surrounding fields/farms/swamp/mountains)
  • Key locations (Bandit camps, High Hrothgar, Forts)
  • Villages (Riverwood for example)

  • To get the quality of my screen shots I EXTREMELY recommend the K-ENB. Other ENB's do not give the light green grass you see in the screenshots.
  • Besides the Flora Overhaul I recommend not to use any other grass mods with this one. IT WILL CONFLICT WITH ANOTHER GRASS MOD!

Due to limitations, the contents of this mod will be broken up into separate downloads based on location and type
(Example: Separate downloads for Solitude and Whiterun) The first download for this mod is focused on Whiterun.

Q & A
Q: Why does this drop my fps dramatically?
A: This mod is an fps killer, in the recommendations it says mainly for screenshots.

Q: Why is X location not complete?
A: This mod is being made as a series, different areas will come in time. The first release is Whiterun and Riverwood.

Q: When will location X be released?
A: Our focus is to get all the major holds then villages. The order of which they come in will depend on popularity and demand.

Q: Why am I not getting the quality of your screenshots?
A: If you want quality of my screenshots then make sure you are running the K-ENB and no other grass mods

Q: Why can't I see the grass from a distance?
A: Blame/Thank Skyrim's render limitations, it may look bad from a distance but it keeps your PC from blowing up.

Q: Why grass?
A: Why the hell not? Enjoy!


Looks best with K-ENB and Skyrim Floral Overhaul