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cazy and zzjay

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A simple conversion of cazy hairs

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please check showracemenupèrecache killer for no more CTD in showracemenu!!!

If you use in your own mod,please if you can give credits or a link need to ask permissions.


-TES V Skyrim

How to give hairs to npc in the ck

There's no esm,so this is the only way I know:Load skyrim.esm or any other companion mod(in that case the esp should be activated),find a vanilla female hair and hairline,and change first the hairline,and choose the mesh you want to use,and rename id andd name,change an hairmesh,delete the old hairline from the hairmesh extrapart,and assign the one u've just edited,assign the right mesh and rename id annd name.REMEMBER TO UNCHECK PLAYABLE FROM THE HAIR AND HAIRLINE.Set the right valid races(all races except beast should work fine with humans and elves).
Now find the npc u want to edit,and follow apachii's tutorial.
Note:if you're editing a companion that is not packed into a bsa,ypu'll have to copy the dds files from data/Textures/Actors/Character/FaceGenData/FaceTint/espname folder,and paste them in the folder again as soon as you've finished your work.

"Edit the Actor > Character Gen Parts tab.
Under Base Head Parts list select the Apachii hair you want your character to use
choose preview full on your character,
if you choose preview head the hair does not show on the character,
ignore any error messages you get about the tri files.
Click OK and close the characters window.
In the Object Window, find the base Actor you've just edited.
With the Actor selected in the list, press ctrl+F4. Click "Yes" when prompted to export."

This will create 2 new face textures DDS files with the NPCs ID number
(example - data/Textures/Actors/Character/FaceGenData/FaceTint/espname folder.Delete them.


Unzip the file,and drag the meshestxtures folders and esp folder to your skyrim data folder (C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappscommonskyrimdata).Say "Yes" when asked to merge the folders.
Activate the cazy hair-by zzjay.esp in your skyrim launcher data files,if needed.
apachii's picture tutorial


De-activate the esp in skyrim launcher and remove these folders:
delete the esp (Cazy Hairs-by zzjay.esp) from your skyrim data folder.

Bugs and Issues

Wearing an helmet your character will look bald.
To avoid this issue try these two mods.
Apahcii optional helmet wig
Crown helmets non replacer



cazy hairs:
Cazy for original models
apachii for the alpha trasparency
Anto for original models
ziitch for Oblivion conversion

Fh hairs:
PeggyZone,for the original Hair models
LaughingVampire,for her Oblivion mod

Special thanks to:
celeztia for the esm for the brushes used in pics with obsidian dawn in the title