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A series of four variants of the Sheogorath suit and boots, craftable from the forge.

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This mod is a standalone variant of my greater mod, Actualize Apparel, which can be found here!

SO! Jealous of the obvious fashion sense of the Daedric Prince of Madness, mmm? Are we?

It's only natural! After all, I'm fairly sure I possess the only proper suit in Skyrim, and who wants to romp around in all that snow and dirt and viscous dragon innards without a proper suit?


But you knew that! Or you didn't. But if you didn't, don't tell me! People who don't know things around me usually find their lives so much more interesting!

I bet you didn't know I have a whole FOUR suits, all to my lonesome! In fact, I GUARANTEE YA DIDN'T! I told Haskell to take his fancy collar down to Passwall, find me a tailor, and then spirit 'em away in the dead o' night in a sack and beat him with a cyrodilic spadetail 'till he made me some new clothes.


Don't be shy now, lad! Go and take a look!


AND the best part! Oh yes, better than a bucketful of crying, flayed clowns, I guarantee it!

YOU CAN MAKE THESE ALL YERSELF! None of those fancy-prancy texture swaps, I guarantee it! Ooooh, yes yes, I know about those, don't you be kiddin' yerself. I know those Psijic Robes ya got on are actually yellow, no matter how much black paint you slap on there, you're still one big BANANA!

But these are the real deal! Gen-u-ine article! "Stand-alone," as the Redguards say. You might find yourself putting some mighty strange articles in the forge to make these, but don't question it! IT'S ALL PART OF THE MAGIC!

So go on, then! Click that download button, and be the fanciest, dapperest man in Skyrim ever to be tossed five miles into the air by a giant!

Oh, and do say hello to the clouds for me.

CHANGELOG! Ha haaa, I've always wanted to say that!

- Oh point one. Ooooh point! One. That's the first version, and you're daft if you think different! LIKE ME! Eeexcept not possessed of frankly terrifying reality warping potential. Your loss, really.
- Also there are some suits, four, if I remember correctly! AND I ALWAYS DO! Except when I don't, but that's what Haskell is for. Oh, and he tells me to remind the lot of you that the suits here are Red, White, Black, and... SHEOGORATH! Ha! I think I'll summon him a few more times and see if I remember anything else!

- See lad, here's where it gets EXCITING. That tailor who made me these fine, fancy suits, proper-as-you-please? Turns out that the more I abduct him in a sack and beat him with a fish, the more suits he makes! Isn't that GENIUS? I even decided to name them myself, this time around:

- I tossed a few Hungers I found out on my morning jaunt around the Isles into the sack to see if inspiration would strike, and our BEST friend in the sack screamed for a nearly THREE HOURS!!! Well, time is relative here, but still! The nerve, not answering a DIRECT QUESTION from a DAEDRIC PRINCE like that! Perhaps I should've phrased it differently, clowns would've made for a much better point - our BEST friend did shout something about a "WOMAN'S SUIT" and "CLASSIC COLORATION" at me, so I'll take that as a proper answer until I let him out of the sack in a few days to see what he made me!
- I hope it's a gift! I do like gifts, unless it's socks. Can't stand 'em, never could.