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Tired of having thousands upon thousands of extra gold and no cash sinks to put it into? No more! This treasure vault enables you to store your gold coins as actual shiny valuables and loot and piles of gold coins!

UPDATE: Resource for Mod Makers: (9/12/2013) At Spphy's request, I have uploaded a version of the Treasure Vault in which the exterior Vault section has been snipped and the world location returned to pre-modded normal. In this Snipped Resource version (found under Miscellaneous Files in the Files section), there is no way to enter the Vault ingame without using the coc command. Instead, mod makers (or the intreprid mod user) can use this to make a door to the Vault and put it anywhere they please. Please note, this snipped .esp is still not entirely clean, as I haven't mastered Tes5Edit, but the exterior Vault architecture IS gone.

Update v 1.4 - The fix for the gold coin piles is included in this, rather than needing a separate update file. Also, I tried to fix the issue with some items being quest-breaking if you took them, by replacing them with generic items that use the same mesh.

WHAT THIS MOD DOES: This mod is the first in my Completionist series, meant to reward a serious completionist player. If you put gold into your vault strongbox, a script will automatically display treasure in the vault, based on how much you put into the vault strongbox. There are several points at which more treasure will be displayed. They are as follows.

10,000 gold
50,000 gold
100,000 gold
250,000 gold
500,000 gold
1,000,000 gold

So if you have less than 10,000 gold in your strongbox, your vault will be empty. If you have 10,000 or more gold, some of the vault will be filled, with more of the empty spaces being filled in as you approach one million gold. At one million gold, the vault is completely filled, and I might add, with spectacular loots and shinies!

WHAT THIS MOD DOES NOT DO: This is NOT a full fledged player home. While I do have plans to make one, with the Vault being only part of it, right now only the Vault is available. So there are no beds, no crafting stations, etc. It's just one giant room.


1. Where is this Vault? How do I find it?

Answer: It is west of Whiterun, close to Fort Greymoor and the Western Watchtower (where you first encounter a dragon in the Main Quest). It's very obviously dwarven-looking, so you shouldn't have any trouble seeing it as you walk along the road west from Whiterun. There is a map marker, so you can fast travel back and forth once you have discovered it.

2. What if I need/want some of the gold I put into the strongbox? Can I take it out?

Answer: YES. You can always put in and take out gold to your heart's content. However, the script will adjust the displayed treasure based on how much remains. If you have 500,000 gold in the strongbox, and you take out 30,000 gold, then some of the loot will disappear.

3. Can I take/loot any of these treasures?

Answer: Yes, of course, but why would you want to? The point of this mod is not to get MORE gold, but to have something to DO with all the gold you get.

4. How do I install this mod?

Answer (MANUAL): Download the file. You will need an unzipping utility such as 7zip to extract it. Extract the contents to your Skyrim/Data folder. In the "Data Files" option in the Skyrim Launcer, make sure "Als Treasure Vault" is checked. Then start your game and have at it!

Answer (NMM): Download with Nexus Mod Manager, and activate it as you would any other mod.


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Al's Completionist Series:
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Al's Powers and Abilities:
1. Al's Thunder Smite -- Insta-Kill Enemies, and ONLY Enemies
2. Al's Eclipse Bloodcurse -- Tired of shooting arrows at the sun? Now you can get a true eclipse (including removed sun damage) as a power
3. Als Shadow Walk - Automatic Invisibility While Sneaking
4. Als Shout Like a Dragon - Dragonlike Cooldowns -- Now you can shout as often as dragons can!

Al's Conveniences:
1. Al's Elsweyr Rift -- Teleport to and from a one stop shop for selling loot and crafting items from anywhere!
2. Al's "Nothing Sells for Zero Gold" Tweak -- I bet you're tired of picking up loot that sells for nothing. So am I
3. Als Thuum of the Magesmith -- Keep the benefits of your enchanted and smithed items even when you switch outfits for a different look!
4. Al's -Get 80 Perk Points and All Skills 100- Cheat Ring

Al's Dungeons:
1. Al's Dead Dragon Giant Camp -- Just as dragon lairs and giant camps are quick and easy (relatively) stops for a rich haul, so is this!
2. Als Vault of the Old Slayer -- Requires All 10 Dragon Claws
3. Als Revakzoor - Lair of Mythic Dragons - Unfairly Difficult Mod -- A lair laden with treasure, and guarded by six lethal dragons.

Al's Three Stone Watch -- Lore friendly, non-cheaty, humble starter home

Al's Starry Armor and Clothing Retextures

Al's Virility - Nude Male - PC Only (Adult Content; NSFW)

UPDATE 3/26/2012 -- MOTOSXORPIO has discovered the source of the problem with the gold coin piles looking like coal, and graciously fixed it! I have added the fix as an update for now; once you report to me that it is indeed working for y'all, I will upload new versions of the main file options, with the corrected meshes and textures. All hail Moto!

v1.2 UPDATE with 3 Options -- 3/20/2012 -- I know this has been a long time coming; I've been distracted. I fixed the guards; instead of headless women in Nocturnal robes, they are guards in Nightingale outfits, of both genders. Due to the complaint about the crafting stations, I removed them; instead you have 3 options to choose
1. Vault with walls and guardhouse. Crafting stations are the only thing removed.
2. Vault with walls. Guardhouse removed and replaced with more wall.
3. Vault only. No walls, no guardhouse, only two guards.
Choose ONE of these.

v1.1 UPDATE -- 2/23/2012 -- First and foremost, the skewed vault door is fixed! Also, there is now an exterior wall around the Vault, as well as some guards and a guardhouse for them. Also, for my own convenience, I added one of each kind of crafting station beside the Vault; and figured some of you might enjoy that too. It's not stylistic at all, I know, but hey, convenience is convenience. The forge is the Skyforge. I also included the Atronach Forge! Dunno why no one's included that in a house yet...

Also, the map marker to the Vault is already marked on your map from the beginning of the game and can be fast traveled to immediately; it is "pre-discovered". I did the same with a new map marker that will put you smack dab in the middle of your crafting stations.

For my own amusement, I made the Vault Guards female and wearing Nocturnal Robes.

BUGS with V1.1 -- The guards have no heads. I have no idea why, but if someone can help me, I'd appreciate it. Also, I don't have a clue about AI, so right now, the guards are, um... just standing there?