Dovahkiin Temple - Sanctuary by Dankicity
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Added: 17/02/2012 - 12:14AM
Updated: 23/05/2013 - 04:27AM

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An ancient sanctuary used by each Dovahhkiin throughout the generations. Built long ago by Dwemer to show their appreciation toward their era's Dovahkiin for doing what technology could not. Not much else is known about the name of this dragonborn or how he helped that era. (until I figure it out myself for a quest)

2.0+ are on a completely different mod file! DO NOT upgrade without making a clean save prior or without packing your bags! Your stuff will not be moved automatically!

Video reflects v1.6

  • Bedroom with Library and Reading Area with Day/Night lighting
  • Crafting Areas with all your needs and storage
  • Bar/Dining and Kitchen
  • Treasure Vault
  • Garden Cavern
  • Prayer Room with Cleansed Soul bonus
  • Bathroom with Cleansed Body bonus
  • Throne Room with mask mounts, mannequins, display cases, wall mounts and weapon racks.
  • NPC Merchants
  • Auto Sorting Portal
  • Sparring Practice with 15 possible opponents (leveled)
  • 1056 Book Slots
  • So many containers I lost count
  • 22 Display Cases
  • 42 Wall Mount Slots - Weapon and Shield mounts.
  • 55 Weapon Rack Slots
  • 12 Mannequins
  • 9 Mask Mounts

* Take note that nothing will respawn, except the Trash Can (next to sorting portal). NPCs can be killed... don't leave the trap door open in the throne room.

New to v2.0-2.3:
  • New Exterior that needs discovered again
  • Top and bottom floors are now two different cells to combat FPS issue
  • Added Sorting Portal -- Works on everything important but SoulGems and is mod item friendly
  • Added Bathroom and extra living quarters for follower 'storage'
  • Expanded prayer room and treasure room
  • Streamlined throne room layout for better FPS, lighting and feel.
  • Removed quest related areas until they are ready (temple area is completely gone)
  • NPCs have more daily activities
  • Day/Night lighting fixed -- for real this... third time.
  • Added praying and showering bonus (sit in prayer room or stay in the shower for 10 seconds)
  • Fixed exterior navmesh (again)
  • Fixed scripting issues
  • Added Sparring Practice

Sorting Portal:
You'll notice the statue upstairs in the bedroom hall. For the portal to work you must pick up the notes in the box next to the statue and place them in a container. The notes must be in a container for that item to get sorted. The "Catch All" note marker will catch any object that didn't get sorted. And, as stated, Soul Gems don't get sorted properly and will always go to the Catch All or be given back to you. There also seems to be a bug with the Tools, like lockpicks, being sent to the shield container, even though the script says otherwise.

Sparring Practice:
Enter the sparring room and press the button on the wall (in the pit). The doors will lock and you will have to defeat 5 randomly chosen opponents based on your level. You can hit the button again to quit. Sparring practice can only happen once a day -- takes 24 hours to recharge.

You can quit practice by hitting the button again.

Winning will get you a mild Melee Attack bonus... scratch that... I forgot to change it from the Ranged reward that's meant for the unreleased archery practice. Woops.

-- the animation timing on spawning is a bit off but you shouldn't hit any other bugs

Shower & Prayer Bonuses:
Stand in the bathrooms shower area or sit in the prayer room for 10 seconds and get a 10% stamina or magica regen bonus that will last for 12 hours.

Modders Wanted:
Check this mods forums for info if you are looking for a Quest project.