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A collection of edits to make bounties configurable, easy to take more of, and more rewarding.

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SE Version
I have a few gripes with vanilla bounties.
They're not very rewarding. 100 gold is nice at level one, but fighting level 60 forsworn is still worth... 100 gold.
What if you don't want to kill giants? What if they're just standing there and not hurting anybody? It's a good thing the ecosystem won't be at all affected by hunting the bison giants to near extinction.
What if you do want to kill giants, just, you know, not at the level where they can still send you to the moon? Especially for a measly 100 gold?
You can only ever have one bounty of one type active at a time. What's that, Whiterun? Having bandit problems? Sucks, Falkreath has dibs on bandit bounties today.

Rewards are no longer static gold amounts. They have been replaced with leveled gold. The amounts are based on the leveled radiant quest rewards that already exist. Bandit, forsworn, and dragon rewards improve each time a stronger version of the boss appears in the leveled lists. Giant rewards are fixed since all giants are the same level, but giant toes are the real reward for those quests anyway.

All types of radiant quests can be disabled on a per Hold basis, or all at once if that's your style. Giants need not go extinct today. The starting level for dragon and giant bounties is also configurable.

More Bounties
Each Hold gets its own set of radiant bounty quests instead of all sharing the same four, so now you can take a bounty from each Hold at the same time.

Preview Bounties
Thank you to Parapets for allowing me to add this feature from their mod Bounty Preview.
Dialog prompts will now open the bounty notice to show you where the bounty is and what you're targeting. Taking the note will begin the quest, and rejecting it will allow you to decline the quest.