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Last updated at 1:33, 2 Jun 2013 Uploaded at 23:34, 16 Feb 2012

-Welcome to The Followers Training Hall, an under construction tower in Skyrim. This new tower has become very popular and has gained the attention of many fearsome warriors. This Mod includes new warriors which can be recruited to become followers!

-Adds 14 New Followers (including twinpanic's Olivia Wilde!), new areas, a guard and prison system, a hi
dden weapon, a new quest, a vendor who sells almost all items, and much much more

No files are required as of Version 2.0!

(Only Required if using v1.9 or lower) Better Females by Bella

    Author- BellaGai Recommended Files- Version 3, and No Shine

** Click the Download with Manager Button **


++Download Manually++

1. Copy Followers Training Hall.esp and Followers Training Hall.bsp to SkyrimData
2. Start your desired Launcher and place a check mark beside the .esp

This section is still being redone.

The Location is on your map once you have installed the mod, but you still have to travel to the location so that you can fast travel to it *(It's Grayed Out)*

List of Followers

Marcus Markez
Lara FLux
Corrupted Shade

Followers and NPC's

*Better Females By Bella is no longer a required file (it's now built in)*

Changed Follower- Test's name and ID to Alice
Fixed the number of armors and letters in the all of the Scribes Inventories
Added Eat Dinner, and sleep packages to all Followers
Fixed it so Marcus now sleeps, instead of just standing there
Renamed DarkSewer Prison Faction
Changed the Guards Outfits
Changed the Males Guards weight (This makes them look like they work out)
Changed Lara's Idle marker from crossed arms to sitting on a ledge
Lucian's weight was increased from 30 to 100 (makes him look more built)
Lucian has a scar on his face now
Changed the Guards at the big door- Now they look bigger and have new armor, weapons, and a appearance
Changed Kaljik's voice and his face - Now he has hair, scars, and face/war paint
Changed Alice's Voice
Changed the Corrupted Shade's Voice
All Followers except for The Shade now

Followers Training Hall

Added Tree Reach Ferns to entrance
Changed Prison Cell and Guards Area
Changed Guards sleeping area
Changed the Lighting
Removed Player Home and put it into a new cell
Removed the Jail area and put it into a new cell
Removed Guards sleeping area and put it into a new cell
Added and Changed the area where the Commander is (Now it is a cave that they are digging)
Added fire pits and guards warming hands to Arena
Changed lighting in the Followers Arena

Followers Training Hall Outside Entrance

Added torches above the original ones
Changed the light from default torch to outside torch (Made it brighter)
Added mammoth skulls and a rib cage near the entrance
Added new fire pits near the entrance and on the cliff above the entrance (They are big and bright!)

Scribe's House Outside

Added trees and grass
Added a new way to get on to the porch
Added rails to the porch
Added 3 torches to the building
Added more crates
Added *Easter EGG* Strong Box under one of the trees
Changed the size of the fog beside the house
Added fishing area on the other side of the river
Added fisher man
Added a bridge, and moved some trees and planets a bit
Added a tent and bed

Scribe's House Inside

Changed the room color a bit
Added and Changed up things in the house a bit

DarkSewer Prison

Changed the interior name from "DarkSewer Jail" to "DarkSewer Prison"
Changed the Lighting

*NEW-Cell* Jail

Moved Jail area from Followers Training Hall Cell to its own cell
Replaced all the walls with new ones that fit the new area
Remade the Jail to feel more real, except the old Jail area is almost the same it just has some new additions
Add New NPCs to the Jail

*NEW-Cell/Area* Rooms and Dinning Hall

Changed the place where the guards sleep
Added bedrooms for the followers
Added a dinning table for all the followers to eat at

*NEW-Cell* Throne Room
Adds a new cell where you can find a new follower!!!!!

*New-Cell/Area-Shrine Room*
Adds a new cell with all of the Shrines in it

Moved to the tab section (was getting to cluttered)

-NPC's Head Texture doesn't match their body?
-The quest isn't starting up when you load your save

If you find a bug write a post about it

-Fallout BSA Unpacker
-Creation Kit
-All the Mod Tutorials on YouTube

Feedback and Endorsements are highly appreciated!!
Send me messages with all your questions, bug complaints,

wishes, and pretty much anything!!

Mod- Olivia Wilde Character by twinpanic (doesn't need to be downloaded for this mod to work)
Mod- Better Females Author- BellaGai
-Special Thanks to Bethesda and to Everyone who created Skyrim and the Elder Scrolls Series
-I'll be putting names of Users down here who help me with almost any aspect of this mod!
-Thanks to LHammonds for the Read me Generator this file was based on.

Attention!!!! Any modders that wish to have or suggest theirs or someone else's character to be in this mod can contact me! Thanks