Morrowind Skooma circa 3rdEra 427-429 by Flammenwerfer35
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Skooma Morrowind style! This Mod recreates the feel and style of Skooma as it was in TES Morrowind. In the attempt of staying true to the original, all bonuses and penalties are stackable, which means that taking Skooma in large quantities can give you huge stat bonuses and huge stat penalties. This allows for the fun and ridiculous shenanigans that Skooma gave us back in Morrowind.

Morrowind Skooma Stats:
Crafted at a cooking spit with 5 Nightshade and 1 Moonsugar.
Weight: 1.0 Value: 500
Fortify Speed = Fortify Move Speed +20 for 60 seconds
Fortify Strength = Fortify Unarmed +20 for 60 seconds
Drain Agility = Drain Stamina -20 for 60 seconds
Drain Intelligence = Drain Magicka -20 for 60 seconds

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