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A patch made for a collection of music and sound mods to be used with the modpack Ultimate Skyrim.

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Tutorial and Patch for installing music and sound mods for Ultimate Skyrim Hotfix. 

Hello! I've been playing Ultimate Skyrim for a few years on and off and although there are music mods and sound mods included (Audio Overhaul 2, Immersive Sounds Compendium), I feel there could be done a lot more in this regard. Therefore I've implemented a lot of additional music mods and Sounds of Skyrim into Ultimate Skyrim and created a patch to integrate them. A list of the mods included will be listed and below that, a tutorial on how to include them in your own playthrough.

First and foremost, the music mods included are:
Fantasy Soundtrack Project SE
Dreams & Nightmares
Symphonies of Skyrim
The Elder Songs
True Tavern Music
Yggdrasil Music
Daggerfall Remastered Music - Skyrim

In addition I've added Sounds of Skyrim and Yggdrasil SoundFX Overhaul and a scary surprise at the end.

Now, the patch created requires a few mods. Most of them are mandatory for Ultimate Skyrim and is guaranteed in your modpack. These are:
Cutting Room Floor, Requiem, Realistic Water Two, Ultimate Skyrim.
In addition I've included patches for a few of the optional mods since it's my impression that most or all people use them regardless. These are:
Expanded Towns and Cities, Realistic Lighting Overhaul (RLO)
I also have a version for ELE Lite, if you're using the light flickering fix posted on the subreddit.
The music mods required by this patch are:
Fantasy Soundtrack Project SE, Symphonies of Skyrim, The Elder Songs, Yggdrasil Music and Sounds of Skyrim.
The optional music files I've chosen to install but that you can ignore if you wish to:
Dreams & Nightmares, True Tavern Music, Daggerfall Remastered Music and Yggdrasil SoundFX Overhaul.

How to install the music mods to your own playthrough:
Install Fantasy Soundtrack Project SE. (Yes, this is actually a mod for Special Edition.) Install version 4.1 manually. Find out where you downloaded it to, then paste it in \Ultimate Skyrim\Downloads. Then install it through MO. In the FOMOD, tick Non-Replacer Version and under Optional Combat Music, tick NRV. 
Install Dreams & Nightmares. Install Skyrim Dreams & Nightmares Mod for YGGDRASIL, version 1. (IMPORTANT THAT IT IS THE YGGDRASIL VERSION)
Install Symphonies of Skyrim. Install Symphonies of Skyrim - Two Year Anniversary Edition, version 2.0. Also install the Dawnguard fix. When prompted with Merge, Replace or Rename, click Rename, then call it Symphonies of Skyrim - Dawnguard Fix.
Install The Elder Songs. Install The Elder Songs II - Illusion, version 2,01. 
[Optional] Install True Tavern Music. Version 1.2, Lore_Friendly_Version. 
Install Yggdrasil Music. Version 1.3. In the FOMOD, Yggdrasil Music + Skyrim OST. Tick ALL the music addons.
[Optional] Install the Yggdrasil SoundFX Overhaul. Version 1.2.
Install Sounds of Skyrim. Install Sounds of Skyrim Complete LE, version 1.5.4.
[Optional] Install Daggerfall Remastered Music - Skyrim. Install Daggerfall Remastered Tracks - FINAL, version 1.2. 
[Optional] If you want a scary surprise. Install Skeletons of Daggerfall. Install the main file, Skeletons of Daggerfall, V1.1. I do not recommend installing the ones for Draugr as well. If you're uncertain about this one, see the YouTube video linked on the page and see if it's for you. 
Install my patch, the one found under Files.

In the mod order (left side of MO), tick all the mods.
Mod order shouldn't matter too much, as long as none of the mods are overwritten. I have them all at the top, right below Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2 and right above Apachii Skyhair. My patch should be below US, near the bottom of the list. DynDOLOD_OUTPUT can be below.

In the load order(right side of MO). Sort your files in this order:
Fantasy Soundtrack Project.esp
Fantasy Soundtrack Project - Combat.esp
Symphonies Of Skyrim.esp
Yggdrasil Music.esp
Drag the mods to right below SeverinManorImprovements.esp. They should at this point be between SeverinManorImprovements.esp and RaceMenu.esp. 

In the end move my patch, Ultimate Skyrim - Music Mods for RLO (or ELE Lite) to right above AutomaticVariants.esp. It should be below all the other Ultimate Skyrim patches. 

[Optional] If you want the changes to combat music provided by this patch, you'll need to untick No Combat Music on the left pane of MO. This may however also spoil combat for you before you're actually hit and aware of it yourself. You'll have to decide whether or not you want better combat music from this patch or no combat music at all, as in default Ultimate Skyrim.

Note for ELE Lite:
My patch requires the ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp. If you have ELE_S_Lite, ELE_DB_Lite, ELE_DG_Lite and ELE_HF_Lite instead, this won't work. To change this, reinstall ELE Lite, but in the FOMOD, press "Legendary" instead of ticking all the four modules in the "Custom" tab. It's the same result, except you get all of the four modules in a single plugin instead.

If you have any questions or other feedback, please write in the Post section or contact me on the Ultimate Skyrim Discord. Enjoy!