Lost Paradise by Insane26
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Added: 16/02/2012 - 11:21PM
Updated: 26/02/2012 - 07:59AM

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Last updated at 7:59, 26 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 23:21, 16 Feb 2012

This is my second mod now. So please be harmful. If you like it please endorse
and if you find some bugs or some other issues please tell me, so i will fix them.
And PLEASE!!! Ignore my creepy English :-)


First this was planned as a little mod for myself.
But after hours and a lot more hours, i decided to make it a little-bit bigger
project and release the mod.
This is now the v1.4

This Mod ads a little island in a new world-space to your game.
At this Island you can find a little House and a complete crafting-area.
The island and the house are in a minimalistic style, because these totally
overpowered homes can be found everywhere.
You can reach the island with a ship, which can be fond near Solitude-Harbor.

After playing around with a Bookshelf, i decided that there is no way to place a bookcase,
without destroying the ambient of the home. So i won't add one.

- fixed lightning-error at enchanting-table
- Smoother coast
- New Water

- added some deco like plants & rocks
- added some little walkway-rest to the coast
- added some furniture
- added Teleportmarker


- Fixed the bug, which was showing up some Texture-Stuff in Dragonreach.
For this i deleted temporarily all Ocean-Underwater-Textures with plants,
until i find the reason why it was shown in Dragonreach


- added stairs to the ships
- added birds
- added Background-Music (Vanilla)
- added a chest at the crafting-area
- added small hidden basement (near crafting-area)


- 2 small islands which you can reach with the ship at solitude-harbor
- a Walkway from ship to island
- a little open house with all you need
- Alchemy & Enchanting-tables in the house
- complete crafting-area behind the house on the second island
- a small fireplace with cooking-pot and a little bench to relax at the fire
- many insects, fishes and some herbs living & growing on the islands to get gathered.

At the moment... None
Perhaps i will continue it sometimes.

FIXED in 1.2 Some of the Ground-Texture-Stuff is shown up in Dragonreach (Don't know how this is possible but i'll try to fix)

Some Armor- & Weapon-Images will not be shown at the Anvil in Lost Paradise

- There is no incompatibility causing bugs, but the Alchemy-Satchels in Lost Paradise will not react to the Script from Jontes Better Alchemy Satchel