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Adds more types of Spiders to the game and adds more locations to make and get spiders.

Permissions and credits
- Adds craft able recipes for Glowing Spiders and Packmule Spider at the spider imbuer.
- Adds 7 new types of Spiders. Hopefully more to come.
- Adds a spider imbuer inside Severin Manor, the Raven Rock player home.
- Adds 3 pods outside Severin Manor that gives roughly 20 albino spider pods, and that refreshes about once every 10 days.

New Spiders
- Glowing Spider
This is a spider that glows and will follow you, similar to the spell magelight.
- Packmule Spider
This spider will lug items around for you
- Frenzy Spider
This spider will jump at enemies and explode, causing them to frenzy for a set amount of time.
- Scary Spider
This spider will jump at enemies and explode, causing them to run in fear for a set amount of time.
- Calming Spider
This spider will jump at enemies and explode, causing the to become calm for a set amount of time, or until attacked.
- Paralyzing Spider
This spider will jump at enemies and explode, causing them to become paralyzed for a short amount of time. NOTE - This spider will paralyze you if you are caught in the explosion. Don't throw them out to hastily!
- Mother Spider
A large spider that will shoot out its own brood that explode upon contact with anything. This spider appears in variants of Flame, Frost, Shock, and Poison

Easier Spider Making
A new spider imbuer has been placed inside Severin Manor, located on a table next to the blacksmith forge. In addition outside Severin Manor to the left are three egg pods that will produce both damaged and normal albino spider pods every 10 days.

New Spider Recipes
This information is also avaliable in the changelog
Glowing Spider:
- Albino Spider Pod
- Glowing Mushroom

Packmule Spider:
- Spider Pod
- Bone Meal

Frenzy Spider:
- Spider Pod
- Blisterwort

Tranquilzing Spider:
- Spider Pod
- Imp Stool

Scary Spider:
- Spider Pod
- Namira's Rot

Paralyzing Spider:
- Spider Pod
- Canis Root

Flame Mother Spider:
- Spider Pod
- Fire Salts
- Spider Egg

Frost Mother Spider:
- Spider Pod
- Frost Salts
- Spider Egg

Poison Mother Spider:
- Spider Pod
- Nirnroot
- Spider Egg

Shock Mother Spider:
- Spider Pod
- Void Salts
- Spider Egg

This mod is should be compatible with anything except mods that change the inside of Severin Manor. A new File has been added that removes changes involving Severin Manor and adds spider pods outside of shack near White Ridge Barrow to compensate.

Either Download with Mod Manager or place the .esp file into the data folder in skyrim. Requires Dragonborn DLC.

Either uninstall the mod via your mod manager or delete the .esp files in your skyrim data folder.

v.1.0.2 - Fixed another issue involving creating spiders
v.1.0.1 - Fixed issue involving crafting of Mother Spiders
v.1.0.0 - Release