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Changes to the Dark Brotherhood that I felt should have been in the game already.

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  • If attacked by a Dark Brotherhood Assassin, you can now take their Armor when looting the body.
  • Shadowmere now has 250 speed and 500 Stamina. He is from the void, so increased stats seemed appropriate.
  • Spectral Assassin is now called Lucien Lachance.
  • Lucien Lachance is now red.
  • Lucien Lachance has new Spell art.
  • Lucien Lachance now armed with Daedric Dagger rather than Steel. A dagger from the depths of Oblivion seemed more fitting.
  • Lucien Lachance has more Health. He is from the void, so increased Health seemed appropriate.
  • TB Gloves can be disenchanted. New enchantments added.
  • All Shrouded Armor pieces can be disenchanted. Cowl/Armor/Gloves have new enchantments.
  • All Shrouded Robe pieces can be disenchanted. Hood/Robes/Handwraps have new enchantments.
  • Jester/Cicero's Clothes are disenchantable.
  • New enchantment on the Nightweaver's Band.
  • DB Forever moved to Misc. section of journal.
  • Contracts from the Night Mother are worth more Gold.
  • Added an Ebony Bow, Ebony Dagger and 25 Ebony Arrows to the inventory of the Ancient Assassin.
  • DB Initiate 1 is now named Mikkel. His inventory is 1 Elven Bow, 1 Elven Dagger, 50 Elven Arrows. Set to Protected. He has the ability to dual-wield (will only do so while in combat).
  • DB Initiate 2 is now named Senua. Her inventory is 1 Dwarven Bow, 1 Dwarven Dagger, 50 Dwarven Arrows. Set to Protected. She has the ability to dual-wield (will only do so while in combat).
  • Added a Khajiit fence named J'fiir to the Dawnstar Sanctuary.
  • De-cluttered the Dawnstar Sanctuary. You just spent all that Gold to get the Sanctuary outfitted, why would it be so dirty?


  • If you have any DB related Armor on, please un-equip and re-equip for the new enchantments to take effect. This is because Skyrim's engine has problems recognizing new enchantments if an item is already active. The same may be true for Lucien Lachance.
  • The enchantment from the Shrouded Gloves, Ancient Shrouded Gloves and Shrouded Hood are custom made enchantments and will not enchant to new gear. I'm not sure of the reason but I believe that the engine has trouble duplicating new enchantments. Mods that add new enchantments are usually just tweeking enchantments that are already in the game and are thus recognized and can be used to re-enchant items. Since mine are custom they can not be applied. The new enchantments work 100% perfect when on the original equipment. Only those 3 pieces are affected. The rest can be applied to new gear.
  • Optional file for re-textured armor forale and female.
  • Optional file for re-textured robes for male and female.
  • Optional file for re-textured Night Mother.