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Castle Grayskull And More Locations As Your Player Home. With Teleportation Spells, Clothes, Weapons And More

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Various Locations As Player Homes Moulded Similar To Masters Of The Universe World As A Beginner Can Get :)

Castle Grayskull And Various Other Locations As Player Homes, Teleportation Spells, Outfits, Weapons And More.
Eternos Kingdom And Palace Also Added With Player House, Market Vendors And Clothes Shop. 

The First Door is unlocked to get in so u can go str8 to Riverwood and Enter and find the keys in the back of the suite in a chest. For the rest of the place that u need.

This is my first true mod done on creation kit so im sure some of you would do a better job but i will be updating it as i learn more on how to script and so on (im currently on the basics). Or if one comes along better ill leave a link here...till then we will have to put up with mine :)

More will Be Added With Time. More Eternia and Etheria Locations once im more comfortable with meshes And Rooms In The Castle. 
I wanted this place since starting the game As A Home so now i have it and figure why not share  with those like me who dont have it and maybe inspire someone else better at this or new like me like i have been to use creation kit and see the other side of this game.



Bethesha  -  U know why
MOTU      -  For Everything 
Av1dPup1l  -  <3 He-Man Outfit ( for it separately from my mod) Will Be Adding Back In Soon
Venarez   -  <3 He-Man Sword ( for it separately from my mod)
cbbe            - for the awsome bodys bits i used to make my armor (used Curvy)

Apart from me making this from scratch i have used some mods for meshes or so on like my She-Ra Sword From He-Man Sword and so on so this bit is reserved for thanks to those whos stuff i used to help make mine. If Something of yours is here and you would like it removed, please contact me with proff of ownership and i will do so.