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Do you like Huskies? Do you hate having to wait until DG to have a Husky companion? Why wait until then?

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Dragons have returned to Skyrim and you've been tasked to warn the Jarl of Whiterun. Better hurry. Wait...what's that?


Just off the path that lies between Riverwood and Whiterun (the final bend, across from where the 'Old Orc' random encounter can happen) sits Daisy. She seems lost. Well, may as well bring her along. Skyrim can be a lonely place without a companion.

  • Has the 'Stealth40' and 'Light Foot' Perks.
  • Starts at level 5 and levels up with the Player to level 80.
  • Set to Essential.
  • Set to Foolhardy.
  • Ignores all crime.
  • Moves back further when bumped into.
  • Custom first time greeting for added immersion.
  • There is no 'Trade' option since animals have no way of accessing an inventory.


  • Put file(s) in data folder or install with your preferred mod manager.


  • Edited Vanilla scripts for maximum compatibility with Follower Overhauls and no performance hit.
  • Due to the way the game's engine handles scripts, it is not advised to remove a scripted mod mid-playthrough.