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Added: 16/02/2012 - 02:55PM
Updated: 18/03/2012 - 01:20PM

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By AeonVita

Short description
This mod makes the Draugr more like "classical" zombies by changing their look, sound and behavior.

Please note that the mod isn't meant to be particularily lore-friendly or anything like that. The mod just makes it a bit more entertaining to fight them and a bit more satisfying to kill them, in my opinion.

My other mods

Available on Steam Workshop! (Do not use if you want a non-English version or having choices besides the default)

Several modifications have been done to the Draugr to make them more like the more "classical" zombies. This includes new sounds, slightly modified models, new textures and new stats. To satisfy both camps regarding the matter of slow vs. fast zombies I've chosen to make some of them extremely quick, but at the same time with lowered health to compensate. The opposite has been done to some of the more powerful Draugr, they are now very slow, but has more health. But don't think that you can just easily take them out from a distance, many do have shouts and spells.

The new textures gives their skin a greenish and bluish skin color, as well as a bit brighter. On top of that, they now have blood stains on their skin, armor and clothes. The modifications done to the models is mostly just removing some armor pieces to make them "show more skin". None of the added sounds are made by me. They were all found here. I'm fairly certain that they are all done by Mike Koenig, so all credit goes to him. They will now for example cry out "braaaaaaiiinns" every now and then.

* Some people may need to add the line "bEnableFileSelection=1" in the [Launcher] section of the SkyrimPrefs.ini file, in "My documents/My Games/Skyrim/".

Nexus Mod Manager
- Press the "Download with manager" button for the files you want to download.
- When downloaded, activate the mod in the "mods" tab. Choose any options you want and press finish.
- Make sure that the added .esp files are checked in the "Plugins" tab.

- Download the installer archive.
- Copy over the contents of the "Data" folder to the Skyrim data folder.
- Make the game load the esp by checking the tick-box next to the newly added esp in the Nexus Mod Manager. (There are several other ways to enable the plugin file, I recommend using NMM.)

Nexus Mod Manager
- Deactivate the mod in the mod manager.
- Optionally remove the mod archive by pressing the X.

- Remove the ".esp" file(s) from the "Data" folder in your Skyrim directory.
- Remove the "STRINGS" files that starts with "Zombie Draugr" in the strings folder in your Skyrim data directory.

Translations have been made for these languages: English, Czech, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Polish and Japanese. If your language isn't mentioned, the names will be shown as "LOOKUP FAILED". You could rename the "Zombie Draugr_English.strings" to match your language which should make them appear in English on any language.

Todo/Ideas (No promises or ETAs)
* Make them walk more zombie-like, with arms straight in front of them.
* Make them always fight unarmed.
* Make some actually called zombies that spawns in the wild.
* Zombie invasions of towns.
* Make seperate textures for different types.
* Make darker alternative textures.
* Smear out the blood stains.

Recommended mods to use along with this
Realistic Lighting - For darker and scarier dungeons.

* Will conflict with mods that replaces the same resources or modifies the Draugr's stats.

* ...

Changelog (DD.MM.YY!) (GMT+1)
1.1 - 18.03.12
* Minor changes to sounds.
* Texture changes.
1.0 - 16.02.12
* Initial release.

Distribution Permission
You may distribute, modify, and use this mod and the attached files in the making of other mods IF you properly credit it to me (AeonVita).

Mike Koenig - For making the added sounds found here
The NifSkope developers (corwin, Alphax, m4444x, tazpn, wz, Shon, amorilia) - For making NifSkope
TheFigment - For releasing an updated version of TESSnip made for Skyrim
Timeslip - For making FOMM and TESsnip
Bethesda Game Studios - For making Skyrim and the Creation Kit