Drizzt DoUrden Sword Twinkle by Ghosu
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Copy textures and meshes folder & Drizzt1.esp to your Skyrim\data directory.

The folder-structure should look like:
... Skyrim\data\textures\weapons\Drizzt\ ALL DDS FILES
... Skyrim\data\meshes\weapons\Drizzt\ ALL NIF FILES
... Skyrim\data\Drizzt1.esp

Make sure that the plugin is activated in startmenu | DATA FILES.
The sword is placed in the forge-menu along with the Elven-items.

If you don't have the necessary perk use the console (key ^) to receive the swords, enter:
help "Twinkle" 4
write down the displayed code and enter:
player.additem CODE 1
"1" = amount


player.addperk 000cb40f
to unlock the Elven smithing perk.

To uninstall the weapon just delete the extracted files.

Thx & have fun!