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This little mod allow you to pick-up any Bedroll or Bear Trap you find in the world, and re-use them at will, using the Campfire system. This also allow you to craft them.

Permissions and credits


You can now pick-up any Bedroll or Bear Trap you find in the world.
You can place them down using the campfire framework, and pick them back up at will.

Bedrolls and Bear Traps aren't allowed in public places (i.e. you can put them here, but it'll be considered as a crime).

Bedrolls are craftable at the tanning rack and via the itinerant crafting from Campfire, for 2 fur plates and 2 leathers.
Bear Traps are craftable at the forge and via the itinerant crafting from Campfire, for 2 iron ingots.

Bedroll - Weight : 5 - Value - : 30
Bear Trap - Weight : 2 - Value : 35

Installation and prerequisites
Make sure you have Campfire installed, then install this normally.

Compatibility & Known issues
- Please use TES55Edit to check potentials conflicts with mods editing vanilla bedrolls/beartraps if something doesn't work. Changes to Keywords and Papyrus VM adapter need to be forwarded.
- It is possible to steal owned bedrolls and re-used them freely.
- Dropping bedrolls or traps from your inventory directly using R will place an useless simili-item in the world.

Modder ressource
The script is based on initial Chesko's placeable item script, but only re-use the "pickable part". It allow you to pick any furniture/activator you attached the script to, and add a Misc Item in your inventory.
Useful if there is a lot of different items in the world you'd like to make pickable, but which should actually all be the same (bedroll and its 7 marker variations...)

Credits and Thanks
Chesko - Campfire, and thousands (ok, maybe not thousands, but A LOT) of great stuffs.
All the other usuals (Beth's guys, xEdit team, SKSE team, Nifskope team, mrjack for the NP++ papyrus syntax, etc, etc...)
BowmoreLover, who still had a backup of this so that I could reupload it.