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  1. djjohnjarvis
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    Update v0.4
    Added settings menu via spell.
    Unrelenting Force shout (Fus Ro Dah) now breaks objects.
    Fixed Items dropping from container when looting.
    Fixed hanging lanterns falling to the ground.
    Added more breakable ruins pots.
    Added more breakable tables.
    More static objects now physics enabled.

    Settings Menu
    A new spell will be added to the player upon loading the game which allows you to bring up a menu to adjust settings for Destructible Skyrim. An MCM menu will also be added at a later date but this method works without SKSE and SkyUI. Here is an overview of the settings:

    Enable/Disable Recieve Bounty - If you break something inside an owned property, shop or tavern then you will get a bounty by default if seen. This turns off that feature so you don't get in trouble for breaking stuff.

    Enable/Disable Container Drop Items - By default containers you break will spill out their contents onto the ground but instead you can have the container just drop a satchel with all the items inside by disabling this.

    Set Item Drop Limit - Suppose you put 1000 cabbages in a barrel. This will set how many of those items will actually be visibly dropped on breaking. Up to 10 will be shown by default and after this number they will be stacked together as one item. Lower this number for slower computers and less clutter. You can experiment with increasing but I wouldn't recommend going too high.

    Set Object Reset Timer - This is how many hours it takes for an object to reset to its default undamaged state when broken. By default this is set to 24 hours. If you want objects to stay broken for a long time or you have a slower computer then you can change this.

    Remove Spell - Removes this settings menu spell should you feel the need.
  2. CorthirinDovahkiin
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    This is an excellent mod! However, I'm getting a few CTDs. It might be unrelated, but a look at my Papyrus log shows around 40,309 warnings surrounding the mod, every line almost identical. It says "warning: Property VoiceUnrelentingForceEffect01 on script DestroyObjectScript attached to (item) cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property". Any idea what this means and why there are so many of them?
    1. AmosJolthead
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      Ditto. I see the same thing.
    2. Euram14
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      Downloads a mod thats named "Destructible Skyrim - Breakable Objects" - wonders why the mod destroys and breaks the game.
      Also it says what it means, why are you asking? unrelenting force cannot activate the script which breaks ingame objects cuz the script which breaks ingame objects can no longer be activated by unrelenting force. and there so many of them cuz its most likely a combination of every possible effect that the mod author implemented that should activate his script with every object that could break.
  3. Demiurge69
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    it completely kept my game from launching, not rly sure why but when i disabled it the game works normally
  4. heschlim
    • member
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    I've been running into issues where I'd be standing alone in a small inn room, and suddenly chairs and tables will spontaneously collapse. My framerate is capped at 60, but could this be a problem with the physics engine capping?
  5. Amicoletto
    • member
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    Hello, I wanted to signal an incompatibility with Dynamic Things: or Dynamic Things Enhanced: since this mod replaces the regular barrels with its own version of them.

    TO SOLVE IT, you need to use TES5Edit and add the ID xx00232c to wizDynamicThings.esp 's Form ID List yy0145d0 (xx is the position in the load order for Destructible Skyrim, yy is the position for Dynamic Things). Be aware that if you want to keep destroying barrels thereafter, you need to activate the "Destructible containers" option in Dynamic Things.
  6. jealy535210
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    My nexus manager can't add it until I put the two files in a new flower named data
  7. LegendaryHiccupz
    • supporter
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    It's a really fun mod. I want to use it more but I seem to have a "stalking light source" glitch... for lack of better words. I have candles and lanterns spawn at my feet for seemingly no reason :/ Is anyone else having this issue?
  8. riskirills
    • member
    • 180 posts
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    ah yes, immersive.
  9. necrodraka
    • member
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    And for Requiem users, for some reason the reqtificator wont patch your game with this mod, theres also some identical to master records.
  10. necrodraka
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    Got the next update idea for you bro, just give the items a bit more health, other than that great mod, keep it up.
  11. Joistikas
    • supporter
    • 642 posts
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    Mod is really fun. But you gotta do something about the chair sensitivity to damage. All it takes is to walk into the chair and it breaks into pieces. It's difficult to walk around the inn for example without getting bounty.