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Please read the full Description for details, Thank you.

In short the DB Armor is ok in looks, but it obviously looks like a suit someone would wear for an assassination or a similar black op. I've taken the enchantments from the DB armor and placed them on a standalone farm, common-clothing outfit.

In reality the game doesn't play any differently weather you use this mod of stick with the Db armor. Its merely their for immersion, and how a real assassin would blend in with a crowd before striking. Kinda going with the whole "blending idea of Assassin's Creed".

Something I forgot to mention was, that this new outfit has the enchantments of the DB armor, but not the armor ratings, because if you do your job right, they will never know that you were their.

located in a re-spawning barrel at the East Empire Trading Docks south of Solitude.

can do whatever, just a little credit where credit is do.
thanks to bethesda, and Nexus,and luix_luix

I would like to thank luix_luix, for inspiring me to make a mod like hers. which is here
I didn't copy her work, i just played with the idea. This is standalone and doesn't replace any outfit so it won't conflict with any clothing mods.