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Hjerim Expansion
Version 0.95 Mar 13/2012

Important! Please Read:

I am no longer developing or supporting this mod. Thank you all for your continued support.

Please remove all armor from the two mannequins in the workshop before updating to V 0.95

This mod is an expansion to the player home Hjerim, A extensive upgrade featuring a hidden library, Crafting workshop, Respawning alchemy garden, Mass amounts of storage and weapon/armor displays galore!

Several new rooms include:

A hidden library with room for over 800 books on scripted shelves.
New housecarls quarters.(Old quarters is now storage room)
A unique organized storage room for all your weapons and equipment.
An extended display hall with 13 working mannaquins,16 working scripted display cases, room for a total of 40 weapons and 5 sheilds on display racks/plaques to show off all your gear!
A respawning alchemy garden room.
A crafting workshop featuring more displays
An hidden antronach forge!

Other features include:

A safe in the bedroom for all your precious goodies!
20 new containers for extra storage and organization.
Two chests in the alchemy/enchanting room for storage.
Respawning alchemy chest for those un-harvestable ingredients.
9 working dragon preist mask displays.
Miniature statue collection.
Most Of the house upgrades are edited into the original hjerim upgrades. (no free swag for lower levels looking for an easy looting, Must have a fully upgraded house to unlock all the new features)
Neatly designed workshop with all tools.
Maintained the classic hjerim look and feel throughout the mod.
Misc lighting tweaks and object placement fixes to cleanup even the untouched parts of the house.
Original bethesda content is unchanged other than location.

Future update plans:

Finish Antronach forge and cleanup hjerim lower floor.
Theres more to come so stay tuned for V1.0 !

Highly Recomended Mods:

1.Unlimited Bookshelves Essentially allows for more books per shelf, Factors in that smaller books need less space, Therefor more books can fit. Recently added the ability to store scrolls on shelves, But is in need of work in that respect. Excellent mod!

2. Alchemy Ingredient Storage Adds an alchemy satchel to all the player houses in skyrim. Has the ability to "store all",
"keep one" or "keep three" ingredients with just one click. Works great, Excellent mod!

3. Nirnroots Silenced Self explanitory, Excellent mod works great.

4. Spouses can live everywhere Useful if you have a spouse in-game and are wanting them to make hjerim their home.

If you enjoy this mod, please endorse it ;-)


Copy the hjerimexpansion.esp file to your skyrim data folder.Open your skyrim launcher and under "data files" ensure the hjerimexpansion file is checked. Also create a save OUTSIDE of hjerim to start off with this mod. After a fresh install loading a previous save in hjerim is preventing some items from relocating properly. Also, leaving hjerim without proper install can cause crashes.

Troubleshooting :

1. If your already living in hjerim this mod wont effect your items other than having to pickup and re place any items in the sword/sheild display plaque as well as the display case at the top of the stairs. They will be floating in their original locations in the middle of the room after install.

Solution - Collect the floating weapons and place them into the displays again. This will correct the floating weapons bug.

2. There are items and objects that are not moved to their correct positions within the house.

Solution - This is caused by a bugged save game. Remove all your items from the house, Exit the house and save your game outside. Be 100% sure to save as you will want a backup in case things go wrong. Enter the console using the "~" key, Type the following: ResetInterior WindhelmHjerim (hit enter) ResetInterior WindhelmHjerim2 (hit enter) PCB (hit enter) If succesful, this will reset both parts of the house to default condition aswell as clear any saved cell information from memory. If this is not sucessful, reload your previous backed up save.(Also if you enter the console and type: TGM (press enter) you will enter god mode, This is useful to eliminate encumbrance while holding all your items. TGM again to disable)

3. My mannequins are whack

Solution - I have done my best to perfect the navmesh under the mannequins, There are several bethesda bugs associated with mannequins, Most of the time placing armor into their inventory will reset their location. I have found a mod which fixes these bugs, link is above.

Also if anyone comes across any bugs, please let me know in the comments and I will address them asap :-)