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A HD replacer of the amulet of articulation, with brand new meshes and 2K textures!

Permissions and credits
Talisman of Treachery HD
Legendary Edition

Are you tired of the low poly model and the crusty 256x256 vanilla textures?
Well take a seat, cause I bring you a brand new mesh with 2k textures.

Becoming the leader of the thieves guilds and then you get.. this.. thing.
I loved the design of it, but jesus, dat quality doe.

Say goodbye to the uhh non existent ugly stones and say hello to actual gems! Shiny, clinky, gems.
The amulet has also a bit of a higher poly count, but not all too crazy high poly.
My potato rig doesn't screams at it, so it should be relative good to go for yall.

Here is a comparison:

Regular Edition
Standard version, the replacer is just a necklace like the vanilla.
No clipping. Has weight slider support, will change shape accordingly to your characters weight.

Choker Edition
Instead of a necklace, the ladies will have a choker instead.
Warning: it will clip a little bit if your character looks down!!
This cannot be avoided, sadly, I have done my best to avoid this as much as possible!
This is a well known issues with chokers, it's either clipping or weird distortion.
I even went as far and made a poll in my discord server asking what they rather had..
Clipping or weird distortion.. and the majority voted for clipping.
but the clipping is very minor! You will only notice it if your character will looks really down.
buries face in tintins

I have stuctred that it only replaces the meshes, but the textures have their own unique folders.
Why have I done this? So it will not conflict with mods that uses the original vanilla textures. 
The new meshes do not have the same UV mapping like the vanilla one.
So there's that on that.


Q: Can you-
A: No, I cannot.

Q: May I-
A: yes, you may use the mod for whatever you want to. Tear it down, add it to a follower, ect.
No need to ask me for permission. Hereby, I grand everyone permission to do as they please with it.
As long you give me credit and link back to the original mod page
Do not claim you made it or make profit of it. That's very shitty thing to do

Q: Will there be a SSE version?
A: yes, SSE is available here!

Q: I would like to report a bug!
A: Please report any bugs in the bug section, so I will 100% see it.
(otherwise it may get lost in the comment section)

Q: Will you also rework the other unique amulets?

A: Most definitely! I do not know which one will be next..
So a little poll for yall: Which one would you like to see next?

A round applause for
My fam at the DSserver for keeping up with my BS and supporting me, you guys are the greatest.
All my followers back on tumblr for all the love and support and especially my amazing Patrons.
I honestly wouldn't have gotten this far without you guys, I am forever grateful.

Thank you, FingerCeaser, for the excellent review 

Tools of trade:
3Ds Max

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