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A simple mod to add carriable lanterns to guards, vigilants, wardens and all NPC's that normally carry torches. Basically its a torch replacer but without removing torches from the world*

*(standard version only)

Permissions and credits
Lanterns for Guards, Vigilants, Soldiers, Wardens, etc

Guards, vigilants, wardens and basically every NPC that normally carry torches will be equipped with carriable lanterns instead.

Torches still exist in the world and can be found in the usual places i.e. torch sconces in dungeons etc and in scattered locations throughout the world e.g. in Irkngthand on a shelf or lying on the ground in Forelhost*

But NPC's won't normally be using them (there are several exceptions where it makes more sense for them to be carrying them i.e. Tending the Flames (lighting the effigy) Glory of the Dead (lighting the pyre) and entering Skyhaven Temple (lighting the sconce fires)*

If you're averse to scripts or dlc theres an alternative version that completely replaces all equipable torches with carriable lanterns (static torches excluded). This is just a simple 1:1 mesh replacer with no scripts or modified packages so potentially more compatible for those with conflicting mods.

Available in two flavours: regular lantern models and MM Lanterns variant
(1k diffuse 512k normals)**
n.b. carriable lanterns will still set off gas traps etc like torches

*Alternative version excluded.
**You can replace with 4k or 2k textures available on MM Lanterns page if you wish (yes they will work on Skyrim LE)

Ok these are the caveats:

All torches you're currently carrying will instantly become lanterns. This includes all torches in your inventory, containers and anything your followers are carrying.

Carriable lanterns do not expire after a certain length of time like torches do. The torches that do still exist in the world still behave like they always did.

There are several modified scripts and a modified AI package (with USLEEP/USSEP changes forwarded) with the Standard version (Guard Torches) - also requires Dragonborn and Dawnguard

Alternative version (Lantern Torches) is script and package free but removes all non-static torches from the world (replaces them with lanterns) - and doesn't require any DLC

So why did you make it?

Torches are fine for dungeons and caves and ruins but in towns and settlements? Where you can purchase Lanterns?
Lanterns can be found either hanging or left lying around etc so why is no-one carrying them? They're safer than waving burning sticks around.
Wearable Lanterns is great but its all about the player. I wanted to see more general usage amongst citizens.
I think to be honest though I just got tired of everyone just carrying torches and decided I wanted more variety.


Q: Whats the point? Chesko's Wearable Lanterns is a thing already. 
A: Thats great for the player and followers but its sadly lacking for regular/other NPC's.

Q: So is this mod compatible with Wearable Lanterns?
A: Yes.
Q: Does it require Wearable Lanterns?
A: Nope.
Q:  so it uses his lantern models?
A: Actually no, I remade them from the original vanilla models. But I certainly took inspiration from WL.
Q: Can you make them wearable from the hip instead? Like WL?
Thats beyond the scope of this mod as those are a type of armour and things gets complicated really fast with adding them to their levelled lists and inventories. This is designed to be a simple torch replacer I'm simply not interested in investing that much time and effort into such a minor effect.
Q: So whats the difference between this and WL?
A: WL concentrates on the Player and followers, this focuses more on being a no frills addon for regular NPC's.
Q: So... can the player use these lanterns?
A: Yes. But the mod is not really intended to be player focused. If you're looking for bells and whistles use WL instead.
Q: Could a patch be released for Wearable Lanterns to use these lanterns instead especially MM versions?!
A: Not currently permissions aren't open on WL and Chesko is uncontactable at present.

Q: Is it safe to add/remove at anytime?
A: The script free alternative version should be no problem.
Standard version: adding yes, removing is probably ok as they're just modified original scripts/packages which will revert but any subsequently acquired torches will disappear from your hand/inventory/containers/followers. You should avoid adding or removing during certain scripted events i.e. lighting the effigy, lighting the funeral pyre or entering Skyhaven for the first time.
Removing mods is not supported by Bethesda so no guarantees, ok?
Q: What would happen if I did add during those events?
A: Torches/lanterns might behave/look a bit glitchy/odd for the duration at least.

Q: Is it compatible with mods that add x,y,z npc's? Extra guards?
A: so long as they're not using custom torches and using regular templates I don't see why not.

Q: Is it compatible with Lanterns of Skyrim / Medieval Lanterns of Skyrim / other Lantern overhaul?
A: I believe so as it only affects torches and the lantern meshes are unique to this mod and doesn't touch worldspace lantern models

Q: There are still static torches on the walls even with the alternative no torches version!

A: There are and always have been two types of torch: those that can be equipped and those that are static and immovable objects. You'll notice the static ones even look different from the regular ones. This mod doesn't touch the static torches only the equipable ones are replaced with lanterns. Thats by design theres little point in replacing the static torches and more diversity is always good.

Q: Can I y'know, block with them? Like torches?
A: Yes, at least I think so, I've tried it and it looks like it works NPC's will do the same.

Q: I'm getting flickering on/off lit surfaces when guards go by with your lanterns!!!!
A: They use the same light with the same radius as torches, the flickering you're experiencing would be the same if they were carrying their regular torches instead, which they would as nothing is added to their inventories.
Q: Can you fix it?!
A: Its a game engine limitation, only Bethesda can fix that.

Q: I've got an equipable torch/lantern stuck on the wall that won't disappear!
Q: "Activate Torch Lantern Sconce" does nothing!

A: This is an edge case scenario involving a vanilla bug. USLEEP/USSEP reduces the chance of this happening so you should be using it. In the meantime you can try and fix it like this:
1. Disable this mod
2. MAKE SURE ambient light is "off" (remove torch/lantern) even if you can still see a lantern/torch in the dark
3. Open the console click on the lantern/torch you should see its ref. i.d. begin "ffxxxxxx" If its not "ff" you selected the wrong object.
4. Type "MarkForDelete". It should instantly disappear.
5. Enable this mod. With any luck should be ok now.

Q: Is it compatible with anything that overhauls torches?
A: I'm not sure. It doesn't touch the default meshes or textures so that should be compatible at least, as for anything else I'm really not sure I havn't gone looking for issues honestly. 

Q: If the alternative version is just meshes... why the ESP?
A: Remove the 240 second (4 minute) timer from the torch lanterns so they don't vanish, rename them "Torch Lanterns" and "Torch Lantern Sconce". Adds a metallic sound when they're added/removed from sconces.
Q: So I could just extract the meshes and use those alone?
A: You could, but I wouldn't recommend it.

Q: I want lots of extra features, tweak lanterns, turn on/off, use oil, pollen, I want them just like WL!!
A: Sorry, no can do, thats way to much complexity to be getting into at present. WL is clearly a labour of love but I'm just not that much in love I guess and I've spent way too much time wrestling with the lantern meshes as it is.
Q: Can't you just modify/add it to WL?
A: Permissions aren't open and Chesko is uncontactable at present, besides its likely more work than I want to take on currently.

Q: Can you make it so only Guards have Lanterns? But not Vigilants? Or Vigilants only? Or X,Y,Z faction?
A: Thats not going to happen either. They all use the same template (torches) if you try and make it so for one group but not another you have to modify their form lists etc and it would only affect newly spawned NPC's existing ones would still have their old gear so you'd have to recycle/respawn whole groups/types of NPC's and that gets real messy and prone to error real fast which is probably why no-ones successfully attempted it before. It'd work on starting a new game but for everyone else, nah. This mod flips all that on its head by making carriable lanterns the default model instead. Maximum effect with minimal hassle but still adding more variety by making sure torches are still available (as a new object)
Come again?
Mucho problemo. No simple. Ok?

Can I make and release replacement lantern models and textures for your mod?
Sure go ahead no need to ask, though a notification would be nice.