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A mod that adds a new race and the ability to play as children, as well as edits to preset characters.

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Adds Breton, Nord, and Redguard Children as well as a custom race and playable vampire children. 

Whats new with 1.2? 

All Vanilla animations and furniture are now usable for children. Vampire Children are now added so if you want to be a vampire child like Babette you can!
Even the Werewolf Transformation Animation works for the Children now!


Any mod that adds armor for the player that is NOT made for children in mind will not work correctly. 
DLC Animations might not work yet as I still need to work on the DLC Animations and furniture.

The children Clothes added in Hearthfire will not work as of yet as I still need to work on the DlC to make the clothes wearable. But the Childrens clothes have been added to the vendors under 'childrens clothes'.