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A standalone follower,can be summoned anywhere and heal you in battle.

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  • Russian


I'm sorry that I upload this follower mod so late, actually I made it last year. Due to time and my lack of personal mods skills, this follower dosen't have any special perks yet, maybe I will add some perks or interaction functions for her. she now have some skills,but i think it's far from enough. If anyone is willing to make her stronger and give her interaction function  or make her a replace version for other followers,  leave a post to inform me or PM me please.

SSE version have been made for months by other  modder,I will request him to publish it on nexus.just wait pls.


Location:Windpeak Inn,Dawnstar


Skill:she can be summoned anywhere by a new power,check your "power" after you enter the game.and she can now heal you in battle when your HP is low,as well as the MP.

Hope to get your screenshots if you like her!!

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