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Sneaking the way Dovahkiin intended it.

* Slit and choke throats by using the mouse buttons
* Ensure no-one goes to sleep because they are afraid you'll stab them
* Play peekaboo as you showcase how knives work after coming out of invisibility

Permissions and credits
- Sneaking the way Dovahkiin intended it -


Ominous storm clouds filled the sky, blocking out the sun. The wind whipped through the branches, and the absence of birdsong usually ever-present in these woods lent an eerie sense of foreboding to the day. Under an uprooted tree a cat arched its back, hissing, sensing the presence of a being not from this world....

On the other side of the world - nowhere near that damn cat - a young man sat, screaming at his computer screen. After what seemed like an eternity he had finally cracked the code! "People need to know...", he thought. Grabbing his jacket and turning off the computer, he headed for the door.

This was it, and tomorrow was to be a brighter day because of it!

Meanwhile, I came up with the idea of Slick Sneaking ™. Inspired by Sneak Tools, I set out to make a lightweight sneak mod that felt like it could have been a part of vanilla all along. So, no new buttons and no new "mechanics" - do what feels natural. All you need to do is to perform a normal right hand attack and the mod will do the rest.

* Silent kills from behind using a choke-hold/slit-throat. The killmove changing depending on the weapon used (Sword, dagger, Unarmed)
- Success determined by level difference, detection, sneak/one-handed skill and if the opponent is wearing a helmet
* Surprise kill from the front whilst you are invisible (Dual wielding)
- Success determined by level difference
* Sleep kill by stomp, stab or slash (Sword, Dagger, Mace, Axe, Unarmed)
- Success determined by level difference

It's not difficult to use the mod. The mod will "activate" the second it detects you fulfill the following requirements:

1. You are sneaking
2. You do not have a spell/staff/shield equipped in either of your hands
3. You have one of the following one-handed weapons equipped in your right hand: Sword, Dagger, Mace, Axe, Unarmed.

After the requirements have been fulfilled, pressing the right hand attack button will do the rest. Possible actions are determined by the weapon equipped in your right hand

* Silent kills from behind (Sword, dagger, Unarmed)
- If you want the chance of success to only be determined by the level difference type "set nlIgnoreReq to 1" in the skyrim console
- If you want to change the level difference type "set nlLevelDiff to NUMBERYOUWANT" in the skyrim console
* Surprise kill from the front whilst invisible (Dual wielding)
* Sleep kill (Sword, Dagger, Mace, Axe, Unarmed)
- If you want to change the level difference type "set nlLevelDiff to NUMBERYOUWANT" in the skyrim console

I want to extend a big thanks to the following people:

Borgut1337, Author of Sneak Tools - Thanks a lot for the inspiration.
NeverLost - Original mod creator who kindly granted me permission to backport. Check his stuff out here.
Dunc001 - Thanks for being a wonderful guy, great mod author and overall lovely lead on iEquip.

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