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A continuation of the mod 'Skyscape - Runescape in Skyrim' by TripleSixes and his contributors. (Un-Discontinued. Is that a thing?)

Permissions and credits
This mod is officially discontinued. I apologize if anyone was waiting for updates. IRL and other interests have kept me from working on this mod as much as I've liked. If anyone is interested in taking over the mod, just shoot me a PM and I'll fill you in. I'll still be lurking here, just won't be modding anymore.

Ah, hell. I just can't stay away from it. As of today, 5/15/2020, at 3:36 a.m., I am picking back up on the project. Since I'm out of work, (thanks COVID!) I will actually have a lot of time to spend on this. As of right now, my intentions are to clean up the current stage of this mod, which means abandoning probably 50 hours of work that I had left off at, for the next release, and instead pick up and continue where T6 had left of. Which is...

Next version will include:
Spells and focus on the Magic Skill (non-combat spells)
The Mage Training Arena
Farming and Herblore (lower level potions)
Thieving Skill (Stalls and Pickpocketing)
Some more minor quests (Looking for voice actors if interested!)

Now. I already have knocked out the damage spells part, so I will clean that up and then move on to the non-damage spells and finish it. I think I put in alchemy's and bones spells? Idr.

After that, I will be following this line of development. I will NOT be releasing an update UNTIL all of those items have been created, tested, debugged and are ready for play. I also have to integrate my experience multiplier into all of T6's scripts for other skilling. The only exception to this being the quests, which aren't really my strong point to begin with.

So, in conclusion, I hope you're ready to dive back in to Skyscape.