Daemons ini Plus ENB by Daemon White
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Added: 15/02/2012 - 04:38PM
Updated: 04/04/2013 - 05:00AM

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Last updated at 5:00, 4 Apr 2013 Uploaded at 16:38, 15 Feb 2012

ENB is now based on a personal setting, however I am still not allowing any re-distribution of this file. You can download the d3d9.dll from here.

STATUS: DISCONTINUED (But still works)

I'm working on Realistic Lighting Overhaul now, and I am discontinuing this mod until RLO's weathers are fully released. I'll leave the files up for download, but you'll have to edit things on your own if you want something changed.

The re-uploading restriction still applies, so please don't make edits and then release it as your own preset. Have fun, and I'll return to editing and ENB when the weathers are done.


ENB Features:
SSAO + Indirect Lighting
Custom Softened Bokeh DOF
God Rays
Shadow Fix
Sky Lighting
Performance Options (See Readme in Download)

Creation Kit Changes:
Orange tinted sunsets and yellow tinted sunrises.
Natural Nights including lighting and tint changes.
Customized and tweaked bloom.
Sky lighting and brightness changes.

Screenshots and Comments:
Feel free to add your own screenshots and leave a comment!

1. Realistic Lighting Overhaul (Use the 3.5 Legacy Weathers) (CoT was sub-par for what I was hoping for. RLO Weathers in developement.)
2. My ini settings from v1.1 in the Downloads (Listed as a Main File)
3. The d3d9.dll from (Optional, Version 0.139 needed.) (OUTDATED)
[i]4. The ENB Settings listed in the Downloads (Main File) (Optional)

Dramatic Clouds
Enhanced Distant Terrain
Enhanced Night Skyrim
Better Dynamic Snow
Wet and Cold
Texture Pack Combiner Warning: for higher-end computers only.