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A mod that attempts to revive the attribute system from TES games of the past to work alongside the perk and skill system of Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
Unfortunately, this mod is currently abandoned due to a long time away from Skyrim modding and a loss of interest in resuming updates. If anyone wishes to pick up where I left off, I'd be more than happy.

--What is this mod?--
Put simply, Attributes Reborn is a mod that aims to bring back the attribute system of past Elder Scrolls games.
When starting your game, you'll start off with a choice of attribute points to distribute between 7 attributes: Strength, Intelligence, Willpower, Agility, Endurance, Personality, and Speed. Along with this attribute system, comes its own leveling system running parallel to Skyrim's leveling system. In essence, the exp system works near identically to Skyrim's system. When you level up a skill, you gain experience according to the skill's level. Once you level up, you'll need to rest in a bed to increase your attributes. You can only increase two attributes per level. One last thing of note is that you CANNOT refund attribute points after the initial attribute distribution.

--What does each attribute do?--
Glad you asked, my friend. As of update 2.0, there's a new MCM menu which allows players to decide what each attribute will modify, allowing others to customize the mod to their needs. Currently, customization is a bit limited, but I aim to add more customization options as time goes on.

As this mod is still relatively new, I'm a bit unsure about most potential compatibility issues. However, I ran this mod with an alternate start mod while I was testing and I can say that any alternate start mod will most likely work just fine with this mod. Do keep me informed though if you find any bugs or compatibility issues!

747823 - Created the original framework used to create this mod. Most of the credit for this mod goes to this talented person as all I really did was change up how experience works and added the buffs that the attributes apply. Please check out his resource here: 

--To do list--
-Add balancing with the enemies of the game
-Fix bugs
-Add more customization
-Balance out modifiers
-Add modifiers?
-Create compatibility patches

Q: Will you add ______?
A: Possibly. I would like to bring more customization to this mod to allow for more personalized experiences, so please do recommend or request new features as I would love to see this mod grow, but one person can only come up with so many ideas on his own, so please make recommendations and requests in the comments and discussions!

Q: Is there a Special Edition version?
A: Technically, yes. This mod is already compatible with Special Edition. All you would need to do is install the files in Special Edition and you should be good to go. Eventually I will add a Special Edition page of this mod for more convenience to others! Please try to remember that I'm only one person working on this however!

Q: Why is it tagged as unbalanced?
A: This is temporary as I haven't quite added buffs to the NPCs yet in order to balance out this mod. It'll be coming in one of the next big updates, but it may be a bit far off from the time that I'm writing this. (As of v2.0)

Q: When is the next update?
A: I can't quite be sure. Maybe a week? Maybe a month? The Elder Scrolls may tell of the future, but they tell of many possible futures, making it difficult to know which future will be reality....

Q: Can I use a preexisting character?
A: Yes, but various bugs and leveling conflicts will come up when using a preexisting character. For now, it would be best to create a new character until I get around to adding support for preexisting characters.